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  1. Thanks mate i must donate you this rom is best ever more ram is free and so stable, good battery,and features as well but is there any kernel to lower clock the cpu ???frequency????
  2. why phone automatically unrooted what is the solution I have to re root it over again please guide me
  3. i have ported PAc-rom from Huawei g300 base rom was Cm-11 by dazzzoo i got this error in logcat ported many roms but this is my first rom which has not stuck in boot animation screen im happy but this logcat is kind of pain.( E/logwrapper( 111): executing /system/bin/e2fsck failed: No such file or directory E/ ( 171): coming in huawei_oem_rapi_streaming_function! event=213. E/mm-camera( 153): qcamsvr_start: old_mode = 3f E/mm-camera( 153): qcamsvr_load_gesture_lib Error opening gesture library E/mm-camera( 153): Cannot init Gesture library E/cutils ( 143): Failed to read /data/.layout_version: No such file or directory E/ ( 142): Qint android::get_number_of_cameras(): E W/InterfaceController( 134): Warning (dlopen failed: library "/system/lib/libnetcmdiface.so" not found) while opening the net interface command library after booting the rom it show com.process.phone.android stopped working , systemui stopped woorking what is the solution ? i cant locate system/lib/libnetcmdiface.so this file neither in base nor port rom..
  4. RT @nytimes: Qatar's elaborate and expensive plan to gain soccer relevance http://t.co/IyWCadGUFB (Photo: Bryan Denton for NYT) http://t.co…

  5. RT @RT_sputnik: Karachi burning over London arrest of firebrand Pakistani politician Altaf Hussain. What's it all about, Altaf? @georgegall

  6. hey i have ported it for huawei y201 pro its stuck on boot screen can you tell me please how can i port in right way?
  7. any developer guide me to port it for Huawei g300 ? and u8666e?
  8. hey Bro i want to port this for my huawei y201 pro , its giving me error its stuck on boot animation after porting what wrong i might be doing any suggestion ??? please guide
  9. RT @hqsocialmedia: How To Get Your Blog Widely Read Through Social Media! http://t.co/dg9J0otDS6

  10. use CF root google chainfire you will get it just root its one touch system no hesitation of codes. if you don't see root for your deivce use the mathcing device but it should be available http://www.chainfire.eu/projects/40/CF-Root/ or you may use odin but CF is better
  11. power off your phone press and hold power and volume up buttone simultanously now on the boot you see a new screen "recovery" just go into it and wipe cache data factory reset then in same menu go into advance and wipe delvik cahce ... done reboot your phone you will loose your contacts and phone settings but if there's any glitches in your software they would be fixed.. test and tell me
  12. i have ported a rom which is stuck on boot animation screen not going forward what is the solution??
  13. gapps are universial i'm using this on for my cm11 o issues with it http://www27.zippyshare.com/v/39972217/file.html
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