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  1. Hello all, I really tried it all... but i really cant find the stock firmware for my g510-0100 I bought it in the netherlands, sim lock free, not branded! Got home, disliked the emotionUI! I started to lookup some info about huawei and flashing(im new) found what i needed (But didn't look for stock firmware in case something went wrong, STUPID!), unlocked my bootloader, flashed a recovery, and flashed different custom roms. After flashing every custom rom available on the internet , i started disliking the custom roms over stock(Sorry guys!) Now im really struggling to find the stock firmware my phone came shipped with. I found 2 vodafone ones (B170,B171) it has a vodafone bootscreen + apps Those roms dont come with Apn list(have to manually add them) i dont use vodafone i found a west europe rom( Update failed) and the rest of the fw available on the internet is for the 0200 and 0010 version! what i can remember is that when i turned it on out of the box, it had this Huawei Ascend bootscreen in stead of the vodafone one. The apn goes automaticly, and when you look at the widget on the homescreen, the two contacts (down left corner), there was one chinese guy. on the roms i found on the internet it showed a female and male... maybe we can figure this out, as i want it back to out of the box
  2. DennizzNL

    official recovery

    No i cant, my phone firmware doesnt come in update.app format
  3. Hi there, can someone share the official recovery from The g510-0100? Finally found a way to get back tot my stock rom through a nandroid backup but now i need the stock recovery
  4. Hi there, can someone share type official recovery from The g510-0100? Finally found a way to get back tot my stock rom through a nandroid backup but now i need the stock recovery
  5. found it, thanks! any change i can lose twrp after flashing this stock rom zip ?
  6. I have found a spanish 0100 B171 rom :) I'll download that later today and see how it goes. I think that is the same rom as provided in Holland hey man, ik ben op zoek naar de rom die bij de huawei g510-0100 out of the box geleverd word in nederland, is dat deze ? https://rapidshare.com/desktop/download/934p5/3650609979/QXNjZW5kX0c1MTAoRzUxMC0wMTAwX0FuZHJvaWRfNC4xX0Vtb3Rpb25fVUlfVjEwMFIwMDFDMDJCMTcxX1NwYWluLVZvZGFmb25lXzA1MDExTkdYKS5yYXI=/611146/0/0/1/D89ED72878A29C9C3F1B19CE8F91B989/referer-84EAC5BFBB7BEB276CBBEE7276D005E4 zoek mezelf een bult!
  7. could you share the update ? is it the update.app format...? Im looking for an international g510-0100 rom, cant find one nowhere(only with vodafone crap)
  8. Hi there, i recently bought a Huawei g510-0100 Model: U8951 When i got home and unboxed it i unlocked the bootloader without checking if there is a official firmware for my device if i ever want to go back to stock. Also, i didnt make a nandroid backup of my stock firmware(STUPID!) because i was almost certain there would be a stock rom dwelling arround the internet. my question is how do i get back like it was out of the box ? i allready found a vodafone rom on this forum, but it comes with vodafone apps and an very UGLY bootscreen! The phone didnt came with provider (so it's simlock free) it's a g510-0100 version with model number u8951 my guess is trhat i would need international firmware, because my bootscreen before the huawei logo was a huawei ascend one ? The Huawei support page only has a 510-0200 firmware. can someone push me in the right direction or give me any tips/help. would be very thankful! cheers BTW, bought the phone in the netherlands!

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