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    Work in IT and that's where most of my interest lie as well...glutton for punishment
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    Tesco Hudl - Lg optimus 4xHD
  1. Still having the issues with your settings - Have noticed that seem to get the "multi" touch issue where it registsres multiple keypresses, but then after a while that stops, but then I get dead spots.
  2. I've had a look and it looks like it just changes and adds settings in build.prop Rom Toolbox can do the same - will see how the settings go
  3. Hey Hudl Mudl, I'll give it a go and let you know Stuben32
  4. stuben32

    Helios Rom v1.0

    Thanks for the reply. yeah realise that hal2710 was one of the people who started the ball rolling - thanks to everyone who has contributed :-)
  5. stuben32

    Helios Rom v1.0

    Hi CaptainMidnight, Like to say thanks to Blinkydamo for getting the 1st custom ROM up and running - Great work :) - shame that he had to get it sent back. As you will be taking/testing further developments, will you also be posting on here as well as Freaktab about ongoing work? Stuben32
  6. stuben32

    screen problems

    Great news managed to get last one in my local store and swapped it out Fingers crossed Stuben32
  7. stuben32

    Official response from Tesco: v1.3 firmware update

    Hurrah, Phoned this morning and the local superstore had 1 in stock - Put it aside for me and made a dash with a friend to swap Hopefully this will be the end of my woes :D How long to wait til I root it? ;) Stuben32
  8. stuben32

    screen problems

    I too have been having issues - half screen fails to respond (bottom half in landscape) now I don't seem to be able to get it swapped as theres no stock - Customers services said get a refund in-store and buy online as they have more stock - that's a joke they don't have any!! I'm fecking on with stuff to test in the meantime - changes in the build.prop - specifically around the windows managers settings (they are usually set to something crazy like 300, and googles reccomendations is 90 which is 1.5X 60fps) and using the GPU to render the UI - Have used it for 2 hours today (3d games and browsing - lots of scrolling) and no issue, but I think that's a fluke as its intermittent and I cant find something that causes issue to happen every time. Might give it one more day before I demand a refund and go to "Pc World" - shudders!! - They are doing 32GB Nexus 7 for 239 and you can claim 30 cashback - have to buy before 4th December ( don't likethe thought of 16GB with no upgrade route) Stuben32
  9. stuben32

    Official response from Tesco: v1.3 firmware update

    Hello Everyone, Still no stock to get mine replaced - Something else I have tried - Installed the Xposed framework and added the Xblast module - theres an option for build.prop edits - and one tha refered to the GPU and the UI (rather than the fix I tried before (Developer Options>Forece GPU rendering in 2D apps) Been playing quite a bit todaya nd it seems to be working, but time will tel. This was on the Nexus 7 forums as they have had similar issues with touchscreen - may help - Don't appy the files as they may be specific to new Nexus (but maybe open and see whats different) http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2428133
  10. stuben32

    HDMI not full screen

    Have you checked in the HDMI menu in settings? I don't have a telly with HDMI to test Oops just re-read the original post - never mind
  11. stuben32

    Official response from Tesco: v1.3 firmware update

    Well I would be able to swap it if they had stock, or even know when they were getting any :angry2: - Mailed Tesco Customer Services and their response was keep calling the store or get a refund and then buy one on-line at Tesco Direct as they have more stock!! FFS - will be mailing a response saying with they honour this outside the 14 day returns for things like tablets? and then print and take in with me Stuben32
  12. stuben32

    Official response from Tesco: v1.3 firmware update

    Hi Lister, It locked up today so went into Tesco where I bought it and no problem (apart from being out of stock :( ) Getting some tonight so can go in tomorrow and pick a replacement up Said they were aware of a bad batch, so absolutely no issue with swapping it which is great - sorry about your woes with TV's I've worked in IT support nearly 20 years, and used Android since Éclair and Donut etc, so was dreading the have you turned it off and back on mentality :D but all fine So, cant wait to get a replacement and then get that rooted and sorted :D Stuben32
  13. stuben32

    Official response from Tesco: v1.3 firmware update

    I have flashed back to the original rom that Paul Obrien uploaded but had a flickery screen - so have flashed Capatinmidnights stock 1.3 and that seems great I have noticed that before when I was having issues with screen freeze, I was also having an issue where if I took a photo, then the brightness dropped on all subsequent photos. That doesn't happen now - Wondering if some devices have had a bad factory flash maybe?? Going to test as much as I can , as i'm off work tomorrow, so if it is still happening will return to store and see if they will swap it there and then, as I'm in my 14 day period, so could ask for a refund...might as well try the strong arm tactics... Hopefully wont come to that if this works - Fingers crossed
  14. stuben32

    Official response from Tesco: v1.3 firmware update

    Hi Lister It locked up on me again but I had all in one tolbox running and free ram was at 8 % about 90MB out of a gig. The app let'syou recycle stuff and stop stuff at boot so have removed the tesco stuff and disabled mobile data - not a phone after all - and now have 330MB free so will keep an eye on that Stuben32
  15. stuben32

    Official response from Tesco: v1.3 firmware update

    There's even more more evidence on xda - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1792722 of this type of issue on Nexus 7 - even new ones. I've grabbed the all-in-one-toolbox app from google play - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=imoblife.toolbox.full - may be able to remove Chrome all together - but has a RAM optimizer that may help in the event it isn't hardware.

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