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  1. ah can you not get something like a Windows virtual machine for android?
  2. Isit possible to run a .exe file made in visual basic 6 on the android system? I've had a look on Google but I can't find nout lol
  3. I've had the same problem with the headphones. Try holding the mic button and see if the sound is clear (was the problem with mine) so needed to get some new ones. I think some headphones only work with some devices mate,
  4. I've had no problem using BBC iPlayer mate, have you tried re installing it?
  5. hello mate have you seen the Helios ROM? Its runs really smooth and gets rid of the tesco bloatware.
  6. Where can I download free apk files from safely? I've done Google searches but I'm not sure what sites to trust.. Just to let you know I am not on about pirating paid apps, I want the free apps that isn't compatible with my device. I've tried market helper but that only has a few devices you can change to, thanks for the help :-)
  7. j92

    Helios Rom v1.0

    Hello, a big thanks to everyone for all the help, I've flashed my hudl with the Helios ROM. I used the bootloader off the app store and the rk driver assistent and it went well. No problems at all. I found that after many attempts the status was actually saying "Found" instead of "No found" lol need to put down the doobie...haha If I can help the community back in anyway please let me know, I'll gladly help test anything for you guys if you can guide me through it, thanks again :D
  8. j92

    Helios Rom v1.0

    Can you tell me how to put my hudl into bootloader mode please? What I'm doing is connecting my hudl up, pressing the volume up/reset pin while hudl is on, it then powers down, I've done this with the rktool open and shut but still no luck. I've also tried with my device off, but I still can't get it to work. I think I've updated my drivers properly, I manually installed the drivers supplied with the rktools and it says they are up to date etc.. Thanks for any advice mate
  9. j92

    Helios Rom v1.0

    Hello mate I've got a few more questions if you don't mind, do I just plug my hudl in and flash the Helios ROM? Or do I need to go back to the stock version because its been rooted? Also, do I leave the micro SD card in the hudl for this card mounting? I don't know if this matters as well but I rooted my device without a micro SD card in it, would that make a difference? Sorry for all the questions, its my first tablet and I'm trying to get the hang of it all lol thanks
  10. j92

    Helios Rom v1.0

    Thanks for this, would it be better to remove the drivers I already have installed because they are from the Chinese rooting program. Thanks for the help
  11. Thanks for sharing, does this work for your device after 14 days of purchasing it? I also found that pressing the lock button sorts the screen back out :)
  12. I mainly bought the tablet just for browsing the internet, but when I found out I couldn't install some apps because my device wasn't compatible... I looked on Google and found out about this "market helper" which requires a rooted device, from there it all went south lol but I finally rooted it after many attempt's lol now its rooted I just lurk this forum for new content :)
  13. I see, I know nothing about this sort of stuff really lol. Would it make my hudl run smoother though?
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