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  1. Okay I am looking to flash a new rom onto my phone and have some questions to ask, 1. Is everything working apps and videos? 2. Is this stable and faster than stock rom? 3. Does it have its own OTA updater? 4. Will it play games well without lag 5. Is it safe? ---------------------------------------------- Please answer my questions it would help a lot :)
  2. I think that there should be a special website to post bugs to make it easier for Daz to find the, :D
  3. This Rom Dazzozo Shows potential I will be waiting until things are working fine. I prefer to wait rather than jump on the bandwagon and install it but I am so happy that its still being developed and bugs are being fixed :) Good job Dazzozo, Cant wait for the stable build.
  4. is everything working is there anything that does not work?
  5. Thank you, I might just wait maybe a few months and put it on my phone wait till its bug free and stable :), but I do wish there was a user video of this rom being used :D
  6. a few questions I like to ask, I am planning on installing this rom will it have its own OTA updater? - Without Bricking my phone Is this Cyanogenmod faster and better than stock ROM?
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