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  1. what's the above poster's link talking about
  2. sorry , something wrong with the link , pls notice this one http://www.airyear.com/hyundai-t7s-7-ips-quad-core-android-40-tablet-pc-w-2gb-ram-16gb-rom-gps-dual-camera-hdmi-p-104382.html
  3. Hi , see this one ,my sister received the model just now, she bought from airyear.com ,RAM 2GB , support blue tooth, price 180$, more details you can see the link, http://www.airyear.com/hyundai-t7s-7-ips-quad-core-android-40-tablet-pc-w-2gb-ram-16gb-rom-gps-dual-camera-hdmi-p-104382.html
  4. I'd like share my purchase with you, I bought my tablet from fancycost.com, I have received it , it is very easy to use, you can have a try.
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