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  1. I always use Nokia phone before I bought a xiaomi 2S from fancycost.com on July 2013. Nokia phone is good to use.xiaomi2S OS is Android, easy to use , for me I needed it for calling and chat with my friend on skype.
  2. So battery is important part for the phone. If we want a phone which can standby for a long time. we'd better choose the battery in larger. so it can make sure the phone can work well for a long time.
  3. Oh I have a question , I bought a White 16G Cube U39GT 9" Android Tablet PC from fancycost, I want to test ROM http://www.fancycost.com/white-16g-cube-u39gt-9-android-tablet-pc-p-106098.html#.Uqfhwic4pLM
  4. Some tablet was built in play store by factory, but somes were not,
  5. I bought same one from fancycost several monthes ago, and same questions as you. thanks for the replies above, I will have a try.
  6. Is it ture, the phone is for 135$? is it worth? I'v never used MOTOROLA
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