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  1. I will buy Galaxy S6. Definitely the best-looking Samsung phone ever. No removable battery but I am gonna try something new and have pre-ordered a 4200mah extended battery case out off mpj already. My only concern is the steep price, so I probably will wait for a couple of weeks until price drop a little. Anyone here is also planning to have a GS6?
  2. I got a Huaiwei honor 2 earlier this year but i think its stock battery is short of amazing---it sometime turned off suddenly acting as if it doesn't have anymore battery only half hour! I've got some oem batteries, they worked but not giving me more battery power. So I am looking for an extended battery that will fit in this phone and is compatible with it but will have longer battery life of a standard sized with brand name. I found an extended battery for honor 2 from mpj which likely meet all my requirements. Anybody using this battery? Does these kind of batteries really deliver more battery time than stock? Thanks
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