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  1. i had this problem too. 3 files downloading all the time. solution: format phone and re-install nightly.
  2. my nightly 14/04 keeps crashing and rebooting. downloading 21/04 now to update and hope it gets stable again
  3. using 25/03 nightly - battery life seems amazing - 3 hours on standby, still at 96%. three cheers!
  4. In recovery there is a toggle to ignore signature verification
  5. just flashed 12/12 nightly. last tried the EXPERIMENTAL... so this nightly performs pretty good, smooth, even better than 10.2 nightly at first glance. havent checked out the camera, video, and other functions yet. :D TWO THUMBS UP!
  6. i read somewhere to change the CPU governor from Noop to something else like Deadline. Works better for me.
  7. Hi.. love CM 10.2. Three cheers for this ROM. i had hard time getting used to the stock one. Questions: 1) What's the best settings for battery life. When on data it's amazing to see the batt meter count down so fast! 2) Messaging : i keep on getting error 'Message Not SEnt' - so is this a known bug? then i gotta re-boot. have just updated to Nightly 20131113 so lets hope it gets better! (and now i just discovered there's 15nov nightly so downloading it. so good.)

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