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    Recommend a good screen protector, please

    I bought these from amazon because i have a "FoneM8" protector on my hudl and its great, However despite not getting any bubbles(the few i did were easially pushed out) they seemed to attract dust easily causing the odd dust bubble which cant be pushed out. I wasted all 5 i had, in the end i used one i had for my HTC Sensation, not a perfect fit but it covers the screen where its being touched, and it went on first time perfectly. The HTC ones were made by "Terrapin" but reading the reviews of the moto g version they all said they didnt fit properly so i havent bothered buying any.
  2. Briggers

    Skype issues with hudl

    The only issue i have with skype is that when i hold the hudl in potrait my video appears upside down to the other person. Turn it to landscape and its fine.
  3. Briggers

    HDMI cable?

    I got this one, cheaper and longer

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