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  1. Rob.P

    Sandisk 64GB Card - Class 10 UHS-1

    Have you tested it via PC to see if the card is faulty? If you can lob it in an SD-Card adaptor and try it via an SD-Card reader in a PC to see if the speeds are there.
  2. I gave up on the LTE version in the end as the new EE 4G network is charging a premium for the service and a killer price for the phone itself, ended up rocking down to Phones4U and got the phone free and £50 for my troubles to be moved to the Orange network (was on T-Mobile). The only downside to my happy moment is the screen has picked a minor scratch already (I honestly have no idea how, 2yrs with my last phone and no screen protector and it looks as good as new, 5mins with the new one :-( ).
  3. Rob.P

    Kindle Fire / Fire HD finally arrives in Europe

    What netgroover said pretty much sums up why this will be an xmas present for the missus, suits her needs perfectly and after having the first kindle I know she'll use it and consume the type of media that Amazon sell. Horses for courses, wouldn't be the sort of device I'd get for myself, I'd be more of a Nexus 7 person, but that's just because I don't need the eco-system approach.
  4. Rob.P

    The Nabi 2 Tablet - strictly childs play?

    Even though this is more powerful and looks a better build quality, I still think I prefer the Archos ChildPad only because the price is cheaper and it comes with a free years subscription to parental control software. So far the Childpad has weathered well and is decent enough for the apps my son plays and the movies he's currently into. I removed the app store and sideloaded a few of his favourite games along with Zoodles, plus the parental controls on the internet access allow me to give access to Cbeebies in the daytime. Every once in awhile I'll load the appstore back on and check for updates (be nice if it could be locked out, not happy with just the pin code access for paid purchases). Either way it keeps him away from our Asus tablet and our phones and is great for journeys (add a powermonkey to your arsenal and you can take it on a few long plane trips as well). I would recommend a child friendly tablet for kids if they are already exposed to them at home and use them.
  5. oooohhh, like the sound of this. For my work anything that helps accessibility helps my websites content reach a wider audience, will be waiting for for more developments on this.
  6. Sorry, my last question was aimed more at the folks in the UK where LTE is only just being rolled out and only in certain cities/towns to start with. I live next door to Southampton so I will get to use the LTE speeds occasionally (although Southampton will be rolled out slightly behind the other cities/towns on the EE list from what I have read).
  7. I'm oozing jealously right now ;-) I'm literally counting days until I hit the earliest upgrade day I'm allowed (despite T-Mob phoning me with loads of offers of sub par phones to upgrade early). Do you live near any of the LTE areas being rolled out?
  8. Rob.P

    Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Accessories

    I've always brought Brodit mounts so that I don't have to drill into the dash, always been very reliable, I get them from here http://www.dsldevelopments.com/
  9. Rob.P

    TomTom for Android finally arrives in the Play Store

    Nice to see TomTom finally giving you free map updates. When I was using them on Windows Mobile, a map update would mean you'd have to buy a brand new version of TomTom at full price (no discount for existing customers). That alone indicated that TomTom generally didn't give a fig about it's customers and I have never looked back since buying Co-Pilot, the latest updates show me that Co-Pilot are on the right track in terms of improvements. Serves TomTom right for ignoring the mobile market and foolishly thinking PND's were the only way forward.
  10. I'm due an upgrade v.soon and the Note 2 is definitely going to be the replacement to my DesireHD but I'm thinking of holding out for the LTE version, purely because I'm going to be stuck on a 24mth contract and thought it would be better to get a phone packed with as much tech as I can conceivably get. Who else is holding out or doesn't really see the need for LTE version just yet?
  11. Rob.P

    Archos unveils ICS toting 7-inch Child Pad - just £99

    Anyone heard any release dates for this, other than sometime in April?
  12. Rob.P

    2.3 update on Orange

    Not sure if it helps but I'm on T-mob and got it saturday night/sunday morning. So confusing with 2 brands and 1 company, who's responsible for what now?
  13. Rob.P

    Stephen Fry + HD2 ="Solid n Sexy"

    Quite impressive for Fry as he's usually not interested in making 'oooo' noises at tech unless it has an Apple on it. Not that it matters much the guy is still a twat.
  14. Rob.P

    Best place to buy unlocked TP2?

    T-Mobile UK didn't offer it as an upgrade, so I got the CS person to add the 'discount' I could get on a phone to my account and then phoned Mobilephonesdirect who did the upgrade for me taking into account my 'discount', ended up paying £100 for the phone and I'm on the same tariff/mob no. etc with TMob. Preferred this option to porting my number to a PAYG on another network then porting back again on a new contract.
  15. Rob.P

    Touch Pro2 Camera customisation

    Off the top of my head I can't remember the name of the thread, but I pretty sure I saw something about this on xda-developers. If I find it I'll post the link.

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