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  1. ali_binsaad

    BaiduOS ROM44 U8951 24-2-2014

    how can i download that ROM?
  2. i have some problem when make a voice call or video call with Line Messenger . it said " An error has occurred with your microphone/speaker.(104) can anyone help me with this :D . thanks :D
  3. ali_binsaad

    [ROM] Miui v5 4.0.10 [PL/ENG] Y300/G510

    can't wait for the faster version :D Good Luck for your tour dude and also for the faster MIUI :D
  4. ali_binsaad

    [ROM] Miui v5 4.0.10 [PL/ENG] Y300/G510

    i love this ROM . please make an faster and less memory using. these ROM running slow on my device. :D best regards :)

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