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  1. It would be nice having CM on Y530.
  2. Here you go m8 :) dough i have only twrp 2633. This is for y300. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9NSZ78yEPU7d25zS3RXVDloZFk/view?usp=sharing
  3. I have strange situation with touch screen. In lower right corner sometimes touch works ok sometimes when im scrolling through screens it start some app like i've clicked to open that app but i didnt. It happened on CM 10.1 and AOSP rom by H3R0S. Does someone else had that problem, any solution? Also when im typing sms sometimes letters "I, K and M" dont work but everything else works fine.
  4. Just installed updated version (dirty install) and so far so good. It seems that updated version is a bit smoother then previous, or it is just me? :) Thanx for your work fonz93 :) Cant you tell me, is it better graphic performance with update version of rom, does this adreno blob updating brings us better performance?
  5. First time I did flash custom kernel, after that i did a clean install without custom kernel. Ill try again than i'll see.
  6. Everything that you said i tried already and don't work. :( When i say network i mean mobile network signal and without it 2g/3g wont work, but wifi works excellent.
  7. I did a clean install of rom and gapps but i cant install any of apk from sd card, always say can not parse file...? Is there any solution, cause all apk files are ok, not corrupted? Oh yes, 1 more thing, there is always pop up window offering restart to get network but dont do what say, i cant get network to work.
  8. kejd

    [cm10.1][g510/y300]Xperia Z1 ROM

    There is some process "adsp" that prevent phone to go in to deep sleep, do you know how to fix that?
  9. kejd

    [cm10.1][g510/y300]Xperia Z1 ROM

    I can not find it on google play...?
  10. kejd

    [cm10.1][g510/y300]Xperia Z1 ROM

    Timer from small apps dont work, always FC.
  11. kejd

    [cm10.1][g510/y300]Xperia Z1 ROM

    I installed this rom yesterday and im amazed :D It works as it should, no bugs, battery is ok and i simply love new look of y300 with this rom :D
  12. That is old bug. I don use this rom because of that voice problem.
  13. Then it is definitely gpu related cause there are some driver issues if im correct?
  14. I think it is something gpu related because it rebooted when 3D bench was about to start. It is my best guess :)

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