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  1. Ok so i was getting pretty annoyed with turning on and off to fix the crazyness with the screen doing some testing by enabling show touch points in developer mode, i noticed that when my hudl went crazy the touch display was showing three presses on the screen, got me thinking and i did the following, ensure device is rooted download an application from marketplace called Pimp my Rom once installed give SU access o the app and head over to the tweaks section, screen display My display was showing the following under multi touch amount Fingers 3, I set this to 2 Changed minimum pointer duration to 28ms Max events to 82 Surface flinger minimum velocity to 4600 Surface flinger maximum velocity to 5600 Hit apply and then reboot the device, My screen now seems to respond both faster and the touchscreen issue seems to have gone not once in the last 6 hours. I need to see if it works for other people as it has for me XDA thread on the tool http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1908269
  2. Was having a play around and don't know if people know this but if you go in to Settings, about tablet, and click on model number 5 or six times you enter in to a secret menu with product test , burn in test, temperature monitor, PCBA test, Factory Data Reset, Check Secure status, Third Party test, and install apps from SD.
  3. hudl mudl

    hudl case

    As for case i have got a kindle fire case from poundland in leather simil, and it is great holes for speaker in the back, etc Found the exact case on ebay item 310802440894 I got mine from York poundland they had maybe 50 in stock
  4. I just did a 8 second quarter mile in #CSRRacing for iPhone #8sec. Check it out for FREE! http://t.co/BpOjWt43

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