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  1. kompot

    Coolpad F1 8297w

    StratosGK, I'm using MIUI by emjot, with the screen protector placed from the beginning and I don't experience any blackscreens during or after calls. Everything works perfectly fine.
  2. kompot

    Coolpad F1 8297w

    That's perfect Bryfly! Thank you. I couldn't find anything when I was searching for topics, guess I was looking for wrong things... Anyway, many thanks, works like a charm now.
  3. kompot

    Coolpad F1 8297w

    Guys, Anybody using MIUI experiencing problems with Google Maps? It crashes each time I'm trying to start navigation :/ I'd be grateful for help!
  4. kompot

    Coolpad F1 8297w

    Who did you order it from? When the package comes to you, please let us know whether it was labeled as gift or not, and what was the value declared on invoice. I'd be grateful for info.
  5. kompot

    Coolpad F1 8297w

    Hi guys! I'm planning to order Coolpad F1 from that guy. Any experience with that seller? Also, can you advice which shipment way is more secure to avoid taxes, duty etc in UK? Better to choose Singapore Post or DHL? I'd be grateful for info
  6. I've also received my code the following day, I wrote exactly as instructed in Tutorial, maybe you're sending to wrong address?
  7. Of course, that makes sense... I completly forgot about that. On the other hand after 1st reboots I'm constantly on 3G, and from that moment reboots happened always after switching wifi off, mobile data on, coincidence? Or those 3G reboots happen only when you have internet on?
  8. If you would be thinking about some bugs, I get random reboots from time to time, usually after switching wifi off and mobile data on (using quicks ettings panel). It does not happen every time, but it's quite often. First time when I got this was after switching those 2 settings + changing 2g to 3g (or the other way around), then i got like 3 or 4 reboots one after another. After switching back network type and mobile data, reboots stop.
  9. Thank you for info Rydlis, I didn't know that this is a feature ^^ I don't really see any possibilities to change that option anywhere in settings, but I kind of got used to it anyway :) Thanks again!
  10. Thank you for that ROM! All working perfectly fine for me. Just one thing though, when I block the phone, sceen splashes like a tv from the past era :) Do you happen to know what could couse that? It's not bothering that much, but still, effect would be better without it. Thanks for help!
  11. kompot

    Smoothest ROM

    Hey! Just to finish here, I've finally decided to downgrade to GB and install superslim. Exactly as you were saying, it's really fast and smooth, no lags anymore (on my stock ICS facebook was turning off each time i've tried to open notifications :) ) Thanks again!
  12. kompot

    Smoothest ROM

    Thank you guys! I guess I'll first check my memmory version, if it's not hynix, hopefully I'll go with 4.3 (I like being as much up to date as I can too :P), if it is though, I'll try GB Slim. Thanks again!
  13. Hi guys, It's my first post here, I don't know much about rooting, custom roms etc. so please be considerate :) I just got bored of my stock rom, slow working G300 (having it for a year and sth) and I'm looking for the best way to improve it's speed and general performance. Could you advice me as which ROM should I choose? I've seen I can find all the tutorials on how to root, install custom ROM etc. here, now I just need to know what should I install. I'd be grateful for your help here. EDIT: If it's of any help, I'm not really using my G300 for games, mostly browsing internet, occasional youtube and photos. Cheers!

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