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  1. baculao

    old ROMS

    Hilo! I need smart's old rom -- older than the 1.5. I have been searching the forum for two days and I have not yet found a link where I can download them. DOes somebody know as site where I can download them? I'm in desperate need because i have to have my SAP fixed and it has to be with the smart ROM so that it will be covered by the warranty.
  2. baculao

    PAINT JOB!!!

    d-coy, where is dreamworkz? ok ba magpagawa dun?
  3. baculao

    SAP USERS - Davao

    muuli ko sa december....gikan ko diha adtong october. EB ta sa pasko
  4. baculao

    SAP USERS - Davao

    basig makatabang ko...
  5. baculao

    SAP USERS - Davao

    unsa plano ninyo karong adlaw sa minatay?
  6. I think the aforesaid new features will not benefit me. I'll pass too...hehe. Galing ni virgil.
  7. baculao

    SAP USERS - Davao

    makaibog mo...sayang dili pa ko kauli
  8. baculao

    SAP USERS - Davao

    oops na doble
  9. baculao

    SAP USERS - Davao

    asa diay ka karon smartey?
  10. baculao

    SAP USERS - Davao

    sayang....i can't go to the eb if it's going to be next week. oct 28 pa punta ko diyan. :cry:
  11. baculao

    SAP USERS - Davao

    sonborj, basta within october ang EB para makaabot ta sa octoberfest!!
  12. baculao

    Tambayan Thread

    davao diay ka sonborj? asa ka dapit?
  13. baculao

    General-Pinoy Poster Profile

    Sweetyls, ...in what school of law and in what year level(if you don't mind)? :?:
  14. benta ko sa iyo 32 mb ko ng 900 with bootloader na... ok na kaya?

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