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  1. Camarillo

    Root your Moto G - option 2: Modified recovery

    Titanium and ES file explorer no write access cant delete system apps (bloat) I have root read but no write access . any thoughts. C
  2. Camarillo

    Root your Moto G - option 2: Modified recovery

    Rooted excellent , how do i get write access i want to remove system apps, i can get root su read only in adb and file explorer
  3. Camarillo

    Unable to install APKs on device?

    Hi all I have just rooted and have su root access in adb I can install apps from Google Play and via airdroid no problem in adb i only have read only and also es file explorer it wont let me enable root access. Huge thanks to Paul
  4. Camarillo

    Root your Moto G - option 2: Modified recovery

    Sorry in recovery there is a driver problem, under windows it lists other device where are the drivers MOTOROLA is an .exe file where are these drivers please.
  5. Camarillo

    Root your Moto G - option 2: Modified recovery

    Hi have just tried twice modified option 2 on windows i enter cmd fastboot-moto-windows flash recovery recovery.testkeys.img it seems to do something in the windows consol then the following appears on the phone and when select to go into recovery the phone reboots Fastboot Reason: Volume down key pressed USB connected cmd: getvarmax-sparse-size cmd: download:00a00000 cmd: flash:recovery hab check failed for recovery also when you download the modded zip from link above and extract that into a directory there is another zip file in that should that be extracted or not. Thanks
  6. Camarillo

    How to flash to the standard UK ROM

    Hello I am a little confused I have a Moto G 8gb from Tesco the only branding it has is under settings>aboutphone> System version 14.71.8.falcon_umts.TescoSL. en.GB what will Pauls ROM do ?
  7. Camarillo

    Root your Moto G - option 1: Superboot

    Hi some info for others I have Tesco 8gb Moto G unlocked on Ebay, 1. The drivers dont work on My Windows 7 2. Unlocked bootload using XP Professional 3. Used Superboot zip from Pauls link it appeared to work rebooted quickly and ok but uperuser app ie NO root. 4. I download the supersu app installed did not root. 5. I then used the custom img Paul did for a1Pha in this post, it did NOT work the supersu gave reported error ( There is no SU binary installed and SuperSu cannot install it.This is a problem. If you upgraded to Android 4.3, you need to manually re-root consult relevant forms ) etc. Hugh thanks to Paul for all his effort.
  8. Camarillo

    Root your Moto G - option 1: Superboot

    Moto G I have download drivers appeared to install ok do they work on Windows 7 64bit, put phone into fastboot ok open adb + fastboot in windows consol device not showing up Drivers? help please Regards M Unlocked bootloader from XP Proffesion machine fine ok then superboot-windows.bat appears to do it thing reboots no superuser so i downloaded superuser installed ran came back with error saying needed to manually root huh

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