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  1. It's OK.. just found one in sirius-c's post here: http://www.modaco.com/topic/372417-hudl-131-update/page-3 Sorry!
  2. Hello all! Need a bit of help. This request is only really to anyone comfortable with extracting partition images from the Hudl. Due to finger trouble I today mistakenly overwrote the factory parition on my Hudl - the one starting at 0x00342000 My Hudl still boots into recovery and I can issue rkflashtool commands to it, but it won't boot into the main system at all now. Would someone be really kind and dump an image of the 'factory' partition and make it available for download somewhere? This would be achieved easily in Linux by running: rkflashtools r 0x00342000 0x00020000 >hudl-factory.img This would be a Hudl life saver! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  3. Congrats on rooting! In my experience with the Hudl it isn't as good as it could be at picking up a WiFi signal. I have a Nexus 7 tablet and a Galaxy SII phone which are both much better at pulling in a signal in my house. It really can be that the Nexus will get a WiFi signal and maintain connectivity, but the Hudl just won't. I can sit them next to each other on the table and there will be 1, sometimes 2 bars difference in signal strength. It's a shame its not better, but doesn't detract from what I still think is an excellent little device.
  4. Sweeeet! My N7 and Hudl now both look like they have KitKat... Now all we need is an actual KitKat ROM for the Hudl to complete the experience. Good find!!!
  5. Finally got round to rooting my Hudl this weekend. I did it because I heard that startup jingle one too many times. I didn't use Kingoapp, as I couldn't get it to work and after 15 mins of trying on my Windows 7 VM, gave up and resorted to reliable Linux mechanisms instead. Why people think things are easier to do on Windows is a mystery to me - there's more talk and wasted time on forums about Windows USB drivers not working for tablets/phones than anything else! I thought I'd share my reasons now for rooting my Hudl So that I now have a nice, silently booting Hudl To use Folder Mount - which after seeing greyrider's post mentioning it, I researched and now use to get circa 9GB of BBC iPlayer data onto the external SD card. So thanks to greyrider for the nod towards Folder Mount :)
  6. Stock Android has the 5 and I've only ever been able to change that by installing an alternative launcher - tried a few and from what I've seen they try to do too much and are laggy. I actually like the stock launcher because it's reasonably fast and simpl. My app icons tend to be everyday stuff on the main middle screen then utils to the left of that and games/video players/music etc to the right. If there is a widget I really want like weather or calendar I'll stick it on one of the far right/left. Really useful stuff goes on the doc - Chrome, Gmail, File manager, Calculator etc. I agree it would be a nice thing to be able to change the number in the stock launcher. From the little I've read the default Android launcher uses private APIs (maybe that's why it seems smoother compared to others) and isn't that easy to compile yourself - which is what I'd guess you'd need to do??? :unsure:
  7. Droibles

    HDMI cable?

    Methinks that maybe your eyes were tired or you were comparing colours between daylight and house light viewing... or of course the cable was faulty. There is an incredibly small, personally I'd say non-existent, variation of colour between the cheapest and most expensive HDMI cables and many tests have been done to show it. See this one for example... http://www.tested.com/tech/3329-the-difference-between-cheap-and-expensive-hdmi-cables/ or this http://www.expertreviews.co.uk/home-entertainment/1292371/expensive-hdmi-cables-make-no-difference-the-absolute-proof/3 The above is particularly interesting as they created and compared MD5 hashes of files/frame and they were all identical between cables. The only thing that can affect video quality - loss of pixels, sparkles, dropped frames, no video at all, would appear to be cables made that don't meet the HDMI spec - overly long, incorrectly wired etc. Luckily there are still people prepared to objectively test things instead of relying on their own ropey human body with lashings of subjectivity. ;) I bought the Tesco one - which to balanc things a bit, is absolutely fine and displays colours perfectly on my Hitachi HD TV (much better than the colours on the rather poor Hudl display :blink: ) - because it was in the store in front of me and I could take it home there and then.
  8. I'd be interested to know if the touch screen problem is still there on your new one... That it can be got around by simply turning the display off and on suggests its a software issue, not hardware - that works on my Hudl every time when it happens. It's very similar to what happened on the original Nexus 7. The N7 issue was eventually fixed by Google with a software update which is what I was hoping Tesco would do. If swapping the device is fixing it and the software is the same (I'm assuming it is otherwise we'd all be getting an update) then the newer device's touch sensors must be calibrated differently somehow, or be different hardware. If so, Tesco should absolutely acknowledge that there is a problem on earlier devices and do a recall/replacement.
  9. Not suggesting anyone is fibbing, just disappointed that this doesn't appear to work on my setup. For the record, my Hudl isn't rooted and as such can't use Full!Screen - which I've used before on my N7 with mixed results and from what I recall lets apps make use of the parts of the screen taken up by the nav and status bars. Also, as most video players - Dice player, BBC iPlayer, YouTube etc - now go full screen without requiring a special app I personally don't have much need for it. What I'm seeing is that no matter what I do the Hudl absolutely will not drive my TV to the full width of the screen. It fills it vertically, but not horizontally. I think this is what a lot or people are seeing. As the TV is the main variable here, it must be that some TVs behave differently, with the TV doing some pinching/zooming of the 16:10 aspect ratio output the Hudl into the TV 16:9 display, as some have suggested. I know it doesn't detract too much from the viewing experince, but I think I'd prefer black bars top/bottom rather than left/right. Other than that am still now using the Hudl for my daily dose of tablification over my old N7 2012! Soooo... :)
  10. "Thank you for replying Dave."
  11. Yeah... as we suspected, it doesn't work. Tested VLC on my pretty bog standard 1080p Hitachi TV last night and the TV only ever displays the Hudl's max width 1440 px so black bars left and right no matter what aspect ratio/zoom settings used in VLC or the aspect ratio / resolution of the video played Oh.. and VLC is still crap. Of the 5 videos I played (2 AVI, 2 FLV and 1 MKV) none played without screen breakup / judder - all were loaded on the Hudl. Not even sure why I tested this as I was about 99% confident it wasn't going to work.
  12. OK, I missed a memo :unsure: Was aware of the Kingo app, but wasn't aware of how it applied root. Only have Windows in a VM at home so might try it out.. if only to get rid of Hudl startup tinkling! Whoever makes the decision to have a device that makes a loud sound at startup needs to be removed from the decision making process.. permenantly. They're the type of person that would make a fridge that every time you opened it, says "Hello Dave". :angry2:
  13. If this works then good news! I'll be testing tonight - VLC isn't the best player out there on Android at the mo with it's perpetual 'beta' status... Now... how to get iPlayer, YouTube, Gallery, games etc to work full screen.
  14. As it seems the most talked about topics on here are about how to root your Hudl, I am curious to find out why people are so eager. I've owned an original N7 from release and have rooted it/upgraded it over and over and when I look back there was only ever one valid reason I could find as to why I did this - to use USB on-the-go with a 3G dongle so that I could get 3G network access. I soon realised that it hammered the battery and was so flakey that it just wasn't worth the hassle. In the end I just bought a MiFi device and waved goodbye to root access and hassle. So when I got a Hudl - cos they are great aren't they? - I was tempted to root it, but was struggling to find any reason. From my own experience and various posts on the forum I've listed some fors and againsts, but why do people specifically want root on the Hudl. To be clear I mean just applying the su binary to get elevated rights, not flashing a whole new customised ROM or recovery tool. I'm also aware, unless I missed a memo, that the only way to attain root access on the Hudl right now is to flash a modified Tesco system image with the su binary included. Reasons to root! "Because it's there". The act of rooting your device is in and of itself a reason to do it. It's a learning exercise, a triumph over those nasties at Tesco/Google that don't give you full access to the hardware you own. To allow the removal of the Tesco apps/widgets and the (I agree) annoying [T] button. This seems to be the #1 reason right now. Apart from the [T] button removal, I'm not sure you gain that much additional storage space/CPU cylces or save that much more battery by removing these apps. To poke around the underlying Android file structure to modify files such as build.prop . E.g. to allow things such as fooling Android into thinking your Hudl is a phone instead of a tablet and thus allow you to install phone only apps - but there are easier ways around this. To allow a 'fix' to be applied for an underlying problem ... I'm yet to see a fix for any of the Hudl 'problems' yet that needs root. To allow ad blocker software complete access to block in-app advertising Allow you to take a full backup of your apps and data including system apps To allow special things to be done with external hardware such as using USB on the go and a 3G dongle - the only reason I've ever had for rooting. And... the only reason I currently have to root my Hudl... to turn off the REALLY annoyingly loud and pointless startup plinky plonk! Equally there are reasons not to root. You can mess up your device to the point where the average user can't recover it if you modify too much. If you change some low level Android files official updates will often fail when they verify the intergity of your device. This means you have to revert to 'stock' or unroot prior to installing updates Rare - but you could inadvertently grant root access to a nefarious app. You'd have to be foolish enough to install a dodgy app in the first instance. To remove the mistaken belief that simply rooting a device miraculously fixes various hardware/software bugs. It does not unless you subsequently use the root access to modify files/settings/software to fix the bug. Really I'm just looking for a reason to root my Hudl because I'm actually one of those that does it "Because it's there". I'm also truly interested to find out why people are so eager. Especially as the Huld must be introducing a lot of people to Android and tablet computing for the first time and they may think that they can only get value out of their device if they root it! Shields up. Ready for the barrage of things I missed :ph34r:
  15. What about black bars down the left/right of the TV? No matter what I use I can't get rid of these. It always fills top to bottom though.
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