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    Huawei ascend y300,xperia tipo
  1. Domino2115

    New Phone ??

    I've bought xiaomi redmi 1s 3 months ago for 94€ and im pretty happy with that phone, it has very stable lolipop roms and great xcelerate kernel
  2. Hi, when I want to record video camera sometimes stop working and phone reboot, I've also tried another camera apps but still same problem.
  3. yea just from phone, sorry that i was rude
  4. Nope i dont mind it you deserve it but im talking about things that says that my phone has virus clicl here bla bla it open google play etc thats why i was angry a bit but i downloaded it by pc with no problems...
  5. I am unable to download rom though because of that shitty ads...
  6. nope, i sent my phone to service because i bricked it
  7. I get back phone to the shop to repair it
  8. I just said that i have same problem like you i didnt resolve it
  9. Hello, I had problems with phone (i wasnt able to write text with keyboard i was pressing for example "m" but it wrote to the text ".", i also tried to download other keyboard no success) so i decided to reinstall phone with official firmware from huawei, i've tried like 7 different versions noone work(it stuck on 1/3 of process) so i gave try to hack imei but it was the biggest mistake, my phone just hangs on boot logo, i can get to fast boot, but i tried to flash recorvery though adb it just says that "writing failed command not allowed". I think that my imei is now "0".Can anybody help me? Do you think that if i find correct firmware version it will be fixed or there is no way just take phone to the shop to fix it because of warranty? thanks
  10. no its almost same rom like slimlp when chil360 will fix something luca will apply fix to his rom thats all

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