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  1. I'm unable to change my voicemail number. I think it's a problem with my Giffgaff sim as I had the same problem with my G300 until I put cyanogen mod on it.
  2. Hi rhen, thanks for your work, it's really appreciated! I'm sorry if this is a daft question, can the other modules, e.g speech recognition etc go on a different partition instead of system?
  3. I'm using GApps from 2013-12-14, it's probably the space issue, I might try moving a lot of stuff back to SD (I'd moved a lot of them back to the phone as I'd seen a comment saying ART didn't like apps on SD). I'll take your latest GApps and try again and report back. Thanks
  4. Has anybody tried ART with any success? I tried it yesterday, but most apps (in gapps) kept force closing and all the internal memory was filled instantly. I've read on other forums that it can be a lot smoother and kinder on the battery, but it might be hw dependant.
  5. Hrmm, didn't do that for me, it was only when my friend asked if I had got the picture and I turned on my data that I got any notification. Which messaging app are you using?
  6. With stock ICS I could keep my data off and get a notification when an MMS was pending and then turn on data to download the MMS. Is there anyway to do something similar with CM11.0? Thanks
  7. Is there a bug in the CM Updater? When I try to install the nightlies via OTA the CM Recovery is looking for the zip in sdcard0 but it's being downloaded to sdcard1 (I have external storage set to default). Any ideas?
  8. Ahhh brilliant, thanks rhen! Yeh i don't mind anyway as the my background is very dark at the top anyway so I don't notice the difference :)
  9. Hi guys, noticed a minor issue on Sunday, I'm unable to select 2G mode only in the Perferred network type menu under Mobile network settings. It's not so good for the battery life, has anyone else seen it? I think it was working in the 1214 build. I also got the status bar change to work, but after about an hour my phone got really unresponsive so I reverted back to low_mem=true and it's been smooth ever since. Thanks
  10. I had the same problem, but it's now working in today's nightly 1215. (BTW, thanks Daz, truely awesome work!)
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