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  1. the card is written inside a little circle a number like 2 , 4 , 6 , 8 , 10(or 1 )
  2. that is the reason for the extreme low device , when buying a sd card always class 10 . Than u will see that the problem ends
  3. zeelog is going to be another update for this rom ? or isn´t anything more to do ?
  4. Noup .... I dont have that problem man .... Try to see if u did something during that call .
  5. No problem .... here is the link ---> https://mega.co.nz/#!QcxyRZwK!KhQJDBKCb97avFNTQ77ljkIw-j4-Kial9LF7CCzIiqw
  6. I don´t have any problem with the gapps . But with the new theme engine..... gosh what a mess . every time that i apply a theme ( updated to 4.4.3 ) the systemui just stop working . No big deal for now , cause it´s the first built so i will wait ;)
  7. If you want the newest version of google now available for the armV6 phones I can share it, but the voice search doesn´t work obviously ;)
  8. I think it´s time to a new compile :D Zeelog . You are the only one( for now ) that is maintaining our blade/libra ALIVE . We are counting on you .
  9. The recovery v. is for the X3 ( the place of this topic ) and for the U8650?
  10. My god..... I even don´t know what to say ...... What a massive loss . The ZTE Blade community will not be the same NEVER . :unsure:
  11. Really ? didn´t knew man ..... sutch a loss .... a great developer that we lost and probably a great friend :blush:
  12. You must change the Tpt of your Rom.... currently i´m using a costum one of 185mb of system..... if you what it I can share .
  13. I cant download any thing besides the alpha 1...... I wanted to download to my Huawei U8510 to test it out. I can already see that some people have tried....
  14. I´ve tested on my X3 and it doesn´t boot.... it is stuck on bootloop .
  15. If we could change the partitions sizes it ould be awsome like my Zte Libra :)
  16. To me both are preatty close.... it comes to you and your blade because from device to device it varies
  17. Ok thanks for the quick anwser ..... can u send me the link of mediafire ? I want to try to work it around to our ideos x3 cause normally the roms of the U8650 works fine on the ideos x3 .
  18. Great Work Lucky ;) I was not expecting this . A tip, can you upload the rom to MEGA ? A question that i have is if the rom works on the huawei ideos x3 strait a way ? We need to change the boot.img?
  19. Hi Snap.iT , is to be coming a new version of the recovery ? It´s already on version , and have many bug fixes and some new features .... Thanks :)
  20. Hi everyone :) Zeelog I want to make 2 questions, one important and other just curiosity. Will U update All your roms to fix the heartbleed bug? And also will U incorporate the new google camera on the next update for this rom? Thanks for every work of yours and Keep the insane good work ^_^ Chears
  21. I think that isn´t a problem..... but first what is the error of Play Store?
  22. I´m really sorry that this rom Died really quikly...... It would be awsome if anybody could finish it .
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