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  1. If the fix is known, why does it not get applied to the main CM source? Who do I have to file a petition with to get this fix in the CM soure? :)
  2. Same here! Also lags while unlocking or enabling the screen. Seems like the phone is turned off or the battery is dead many times. Also accepting calls lags with a black screen of death for 30 seconds. Likely the caller stops calling you with that time!
  3. The rom has incredibly many bugs: - slow - random reboots like 5 per day - some apps never work (chrome beta) others exit frequently - it is often so slow you cannot lookup direction or location in time before analogue help comes along It is nice as a fun-tryout-rom but not for actually using it.
  4. Dear Forum, I wanted to install a custom firmware. So I used fastboot to flash recovery-clockwork- then I tried to flash the rom: fastboot flash system cm-10.2-20131202-NIGHTLY-u8833.zip Now the phone does not boot anymore. How can I get it back into a working state? It seems I cannot use clockworkmod because I cannot access the sdcard in fastboot :( And how to "properly" flash a zip in fastboot?

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