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  1. Please help everybody! I recently root my device (Reliance 3g TAB V9A/ZTE V9A) and installed CWM Recovery. After creating a backup of my device, I reboot into CWM Recovery mode. While trying to install custom ROM, I happened to format my system partition. My custom ROM won't install/work and for the worst, my device wont start normally. Now, I want to restore from the backup I've created with CWM-Recovery, using my stock recovery mode (Android system recovery <3e>) since I dont replace my device stock recovery with CWM-Recovery but there is no Restore option. I only have- -reboot system now -apply update from sdcard -wipe data/factory reset -wipe cache partition Now, what can i do to install CWM Recovery so as to allow me to use the 'Backup & Restore' option? Can i really fix my device by restoring with the Backup i've created? What are the options available for me to revive my phone? Once again, please help everybody. Please please please...
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