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  1. Hi. When i install this rom or any rom based android 5.1 , Its so slow and my phone in in hanging. Why? Is this just for me ? or you have this problem too?
  2. Hi Best rom for me FlyMokee and Mokee But you must reinstall it over 3 month later
  3. is this work all of features ? Like gapps ? videos ? data ?
  4. Hey, Please tell me is this rom stable? Is it like Older cyanogenmod getting restart more ?
  5. I have a problem with sms too, Sometimes sms send and receive doesnt work , i dont know why.
  6. hi In this rom battery charge usage is very high, is there any way to fix that? thanks
  7. Hi everyone . This rom is very good. 1 - I wanna know how can i change the statusbar's color? change to black. 2 - Please tell me how can play games in this rom? I tested" N.O.V.A 3" and "Sky Gamblers: Air Supermacy" but couldn't run this games. 3- Can i flash the sysnopis kernel in this rom? what kernel is for this rom? i must flash for CM? thanks
  8. Hi, Can i install Pure Performance-X-CM1.4 for this rom? Thanks
  9. with the default kernel for this rom , rom is too much slow and hanging so much. i did install synopsis kernel and that is so good but network is damaged, Please make carbon rom with synopsis kernel . thanks any way,
  10. when i flashed the synopsis kernel my network is going down too much. i want run the USSD numbers and its break .
  11. this is too slow. its not good for working daily. but its good for gaming Is there any way to fix this ?
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