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  1. Dear comax; frontal camera have not anyproblem on my G510/U8951... and work Ok on it :) clear settings related with camera and/or reflash ROM.
  2. Yep, and thanks! I test today on AOSB 1.2.5 (CM11 Based) and work great with it; except WIFI... sound its OK with heavy load... but I returned to CM11 Kernel.
  3. To Ceastel: I'm using for a week the 0.55 420MB version with a "CM10.1 MK 44.2" using zram 18%,KSM...19 - 1209MHz. Ondemand on G510/U8951 and all it's Ok... i have not any crash... I can you ask for release new versions in 420MB :? very gratefull for your time.
  4. maybe if you change "true" by "false" in this line "ro.config.low_ram=true" and reboot... you have anothertime lockscreen widgets ;-)
  5. You can review the APP that you not get notifications... because I have not noticed anything strange...
  6. english: I got it solved: just copy audio files audio* from /system/lib/hw version of the past 27 and have solved it and got the today nightly audio working. spanish: ya lo tengo solucionado: solo hay que copiar los archivos audio* de /system/lib/hw de la versión del pasado día 27 y con ello ya conseguimos tener solucionado el audio en la nightly de hoy.
  7. Thanks for this job... but i can't test it now with CM11/KK4.4.2...
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