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  1. Can you post the full zip with adb drivers and recovery image??also I have y511-u30 variant. can you tell me how to flash. coz when I remove the battery and after waiting a while i press vol- and power at once, the phone just reboots like normal! any help would be appreciated!  thnx

    oh i'm sorry brother for late reply..here is the recovery for your phone.. http://www.4shared.com/rar/sAegowYDba/recovery.html 

     do this on your computer.. be carefull to follow my instructions..it may cause to brick your phone 

    1.turn-off your device 

    2.remove battery for atleast 5-10secs

    3.enter fastboot mode by pressing volume- +power button

    4.connect your device into your pc via usb cable(make sure you have installed all required drivers on your pc)


  2. hmm i think you have flashed a wrong recovery.img..same happened to my G526-L11, but i manage to solved that problem by finding the right recovery.img that is suited for my device..try to download the flash recovery files and extract the file(no matter what huawei recovery tool).. look for recovery.img and replace the right recovery.img that is suiited for your device..i can guarantee you 100% it will solve your problem bro.. good luck


    Edit: do this on your computer..

    1.turn-off your device 

    2.remove battery for atleast 5-10secs

    3.enter fastboot mode by pressing volume- +power button

    4.connect your device into your pc via usb cable(make sure you have installed all required drivers on your pc)

    5.follow screenshots below



    Download recovery.img for huawei y511 here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/g85h0wtj80wcii8/y511recovery.img

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  3. WHy don't you get it to warranty ? ;)

    Just act normal if they ask something, say "i don't know what happened,when i wake up today the phone is like this...don't know what happened"

    If they ask something rooting and bootloader just act as dump, say " what?...what do you mean by rooting,i didn't understand...." ;)

    Try and report :P

    :D :D :D :D :D

    thanks for excellent suggestion master, but i had bought this phone to other country, that's why i can't do that

  4. try to turn on phone holding on vol+ and vol- buttons, if pink screen appears it can be repaired by my method, if no your phone is really bricked

    i did that already but still i can't switch the phone into download mode  :( , i guess it is really a hard brick issue, my friend recommends me to bring it to the technician he told me that it could still fixed by means of RIFF JTAG but it cost almost half of the price of my phone..tsk how sad  :(

  5. You mean blue screen? I had the same problem after using swapper...

    You have to extract UPDATE.APP from firmware, put it in dload folder on sd card and flash pushing vol+ + vol- keys while turning on your phone. But remember thay UPDATE.APP must be the same build number (b179, b182, b190 etc.) as your first build (when phone was delivered to you from operator). If operation fails, that mean you chosen wrong firmware version, just try with another build.

    There are soft files:




    no its just keeps on vibrating when im trying to switch on the phone, i mean black screen

  6. good day friends, i have a very serious problem on my huawei y300 i don't know what to do because after i use the swapper application from playstore and followed instructions on how to use it and try to restart my phone, suddenly stopped working, i mean it cant restart anymore. it tried to pull out the battery and switch on the phone but still doesn't work, i also tried to access TWRP by pressing volume+ and power button but still no response on my phone.. please please help me thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english  :(


  7. hi,


    i have a huawei y300 0151 and want to install this ROM. i have never flashed a device before.

    may somebody please direct me to a comprehensive guide on how to do so?

    i have found many guides, but none that are specific to this device nor give me confidence in that I will not ruin my phone.

    maybe someone more experienced can point me to a guide that will work safely on a huawei y300 0151.


    thank you very much

    follow this link, i hope it could help you a little bit http://www.htcmania.com/showthread.php?t=736412  :)

  8. go to Settings  -> Developer Options and make sure USB debugging is ticked.

    after that turn off phone,pull out battery and put it back after 5sec

    hold Volume Down + Power ON button,phone should freeze on Huawei logo

    Connect phone with usb,and then try,it should find your device... :)

    i've followed your advice sir but still got the same message, but anyway thanks for your help, maybe i'll just wait for the reply from huawei website.. by the way i'm using huawei y300-151

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