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  1. Officially US at first, and even then only a small percentage of people actually get it. Non-USA some time in the next few weeks. Unofficially a custom rom may appear in the next few days, stock 4.4.2 or CM11.
  2. That ROM is for the Global GSM model that was released in America - US_retail_XT1032_14.10.0Q3.X-84-16_CFC.xml.zip. Same model number as UK/EU. Identical hardware? Seems likely. Two versions have been released in the US so far, with a CDMA version in January 2014. XT1032: EU/Global GSM - 8GB/16GB. XT1034: US GSM - 8GB/16GB.
  3. I assume there are no issues sending and receiving calls?
  4. Well it's not that big of an issue; I expected there was a risk. I can't factory reset for a few days.
  5. Tried a dalvik cache wipe. Script ran again, like the first time. However it is still starting up each reboot. "Android is upgrading...starting apps."
  6. Is it possible this script still runs after each subsequent reboot? I get a popup: "Android is upgrading..." - it's only momentary and states ''Starting apps.' Where is the script located?
  7. Script works well. For those that don't want the duplicate camera entry: the AOSP camera is '/system/app/GalleryGoogle.apk' and the default camera is 'data/app/com.motorola.camera-1.apk'
  8. Flashing a ROM without a wipe is probably asking for trouble. Unless you have a good reason not to: wipe and avoid potential complications.
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