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  1. It gaves an error, and I already set the audio method, SU:2 FM:BC2 :SU:1 :BT3 HT:0 MO:BCU
  2. I to everybody, why I cant install the updates? It says thats corrupted and not trusted, but I had activated the option to install non trusted apps. Also I cant use the spiritFM, I install it but no sound for me. anyone with this problem too ?
  3. Yes its G300 CYANOGENMOD 4.2.2 Yes Vodafone Im sure its not unlocked and its not other issue
  4. My phone isnt unlocked, but he just dont ask for unlock code...He enters the phone but no network...what to do ?
  5. Its not yet? No, no one answered me, I asked why I only could OC processor till 1080 ..And if all 10.xx roms unlock the phone to network. Because I put another sim card on my phone and he just dont find network, but dont ask for unlock code too....strange!
  6. Can someone answer to my questions? About the kernel....
  7. Hi all, I have 4.3.1 cyanogenmod with 2030 kernel, the maximum oc I can its 1080 on cpu, I can install this one and it will let me more than 1080 ?
  8. Its normal that on my phone, the maximum OC processor is 1080 ? And its my phone unlocked to all networks with this rom ?
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