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  1. I don't know. Maybe is better to solve the sensor problem. But I think it's too hard. Any other solutions are dirty in my opinion. It's not handy to remember to turn the screen off before answering a call.
  2. This is not a good solution... :D There is a high probability to close a call just touching the screen with your face.
  3. But if you disable the sensor the screen won't turn off during a call, right?
  4. Opengapps is too heavy for this phone, don't install opengapps if you don't want looooong lags :)
  5. I had two black screen using the first version of the ROM. I installed the fix but I had other two black screen... This problem is always there and the phone is not usable... If I can help you, in this ROM wifi connection is lost when phone goes in sleep mode and the only way to reconnect when you turn the display on again is to go to network list and force reconnect. I solved this issue adding to the "not optimized applications list" this process: "com.android.frameworks.telresources". I tried a lot of roms for this phone and this is my conclusion: CM13: very stable, never had a black screen but camera doesn't work :( Lineage v1: camera works but suffers from black screen Lineage v2: microphone doesn't work during calls. I don't know if Lineage v1 and CM13 are using different kernels but I think you are on the right way :) You should try to merge together the best from all these projects :) I come back to H3ROS AOSP ROM again ;)
  6. I solved installing your first release of Lineage. All works flawless :) It's not my phone, so I need I working device, I can't do other tests for now :) Thank you for this ROM, you gave new life to this old phone :D
  7. I have a Y300 device so I flashed 8833 but doesn't work anyway. So I installed cm13 and it has only the camera problem. I'll try your patch ;)
  8. Thank you I managed to download using the second link :) Now I go to flash this patch :D
  9. Please, can you post again this patch? I tried to download it but it's unavailable :(
  10. I flashed the patch but microphone doesn't work in calls. On the other side audio is not sent after some seconds.
  11. Plugging a charger providing bigger current does't mean the battery charges faster :) If the internal power supply limits the current charging to 500mA, it takes 4 hour to fully charge anyway. If you want to replace your original charger just check it has got the same output voltage (and polarity) and at least the output current of the old one, because if it is less you could damage your phone or the charger.
  12. Maybe you installed something that drains your battery. I can confirm Y300 is working well but I installed greenify (and I'm using it on my new phone too) to prevent useless services running in background. My mother just use it for basic operations and battery lasts at least 3-4 days with wifi always on. Check if there are services draining your battery :)
  13. Yes, of course :) This is the best ROM for this device, better than the original! Good battery life, very smooth and hardware acceleration is enabled :) I suggest you to use this wonderful rom ;) If you don't encounter problems using bluetooth devices, you can replace the kernel with the one provided by "moddingg33k" because is better :) I no more use this phone because I have got a BQ e4.5 to test sometimes Ubuntu Touch. I gave the Y300 to my mother and it is fully working everyday :)
  14. The best ROM for this phone is H3ROS AOSP :) Fast, smooth and stable. It's old but it can do the dirty job :D Friz's rom is beautiful, and modern but has blackscreens because this phone is old and unsupported. So, don't waste your time looking for a Lollipop / Marshmallow rom for this device because our device only has 512MB ram, it will be always slow and unstable if you install other roms.
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