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  1. Hello, I have a BQ Aquaris E5 HD 16gb black. They are very similar so i´ll try to give you an ideia. I´m quite satisfied, and the 4G version is even better due to snapdragon screen, more saturated colours and so on. BQ offers by far the best price/performance ratio here in Portugal and southern europe. It has a stylish and robust contruction and it uses a very good plastic; it makes my old y300 look like a toy. It´s quite slim and easy to use with one hand. The software is pure stock android with a few minor tweaks for the best. You can: display battery percentage on notification bar; choose between 2g only/ 3g only/ 2g-3g automatic; it has notification counts for messages and missed calls on lock screen etc. For me it has no bugs and they make OTA updates regularly. Also it has lollipop update confirmed for the first trimester 2015 via hard reset. The battery lasts easily 2 days with normal use. For me it even beats the moto g 2014 easily, and that phone by itself is an amazing budget choice so that´s saying a lot. Ask me anything you want to know about BQ and i´ll help you. Recommended!
  2. Sounded cool, but Huawei...man i got a bad feeling about Huawei. I ended up buying a "BQ Aquaris E5 HD" in late december for 160€ and couldn´d be happier. Check it out: http://www.bq.com/pt/produtos/aquaris-e5.html And lollipop is confirmed for this device so i´m really excited about android´s new flavour. Guess another member will leave the community, but i will always have a peek at this part of the fórum knowing there´s good people and developers in here for sure.
  3. Nope, problem still here. Happened only once though, not as bad. I´ll try to make a logpussy for OP.
  4. De nada. Créditos também para o sergioborges99 da CM Translation-Team pela revisão. (Nem tinha noção que havia aqui mais pessoal de Portugal)
  5. Yes, it is in the last option of the interface menu. 10% transparent seems nice.
  6. The wifi problem seems to be solved on 8.18. PS: starting with 8.18, slimroms is fully translated into portuguese pt-pt by me.
  7. Btw, is there a way to make the toggle notification transparent? The one with the toggle and notifications. Sorry i cant read over 200 pages so please help me on this one.
  8. You guys know how can i make certain aplications scale to a lower dpi? Slimkat´s 182 is way small(blury), 240 is fine but i crave a bit more space. I tried 200dpi but a couple of aplicarion don´t scale as they should; their welcome screen appears small with black borders all around, and certain aplications layout seem wrong. Isnt G510 dpi 200? It should all appear fine then... (I used an app, do i get different results if i manually change dpi in build.prop?)
  9. I´m a noob, not sure what logcat is or how to do it. Some kind of error registry? Well i have a y300-0100 and always do a clean install except sd card. One thing i noticed is that the problem also happens on nameless rom by andrea and cm10.1 by fonz, so it have something to do with the kernel...? Also it didn´t use to happen, maybe a bug with recent pa nano gapps? I dunno.
  10. Yes, i always do a clean install. The problem is exactly as kiodo1981 described.
  11. Seriously, i have this problem since a few versions back. Could it be a bug or kernel problem with the unnoficial rom? Because i doubt it´s from the slimkat sources. Please help. Thanks.
  12. Btw i have a question about LS on crowdin. There´s two entries on search, liquidsmooth-apps and liquidsmooth aosp. Regarding your rom should i translate liquidsmooth-apps only or should i translate both? I just want to have your rom in particular fully translated. edit: oh, and does liquidsmooth team demands translation aproval? Because i translated slimkat and i´m still waiting for another guy to vote on the complete thing, it´s boring since i´m awesome.
  13. I´m impressed. Lots of features and fast as can be. OP, is your intention to keep updating and working on the ROM? Because i´m thinking of translating the rom to portuguese pt-pt on crowdin.
  14. Wow! This rom is really good! A bit faster than kitkat and with lots of features! Why aren´t we supporting this? Please do... :(
  15. So how is the current ART implementation? Do you think it´s solid and worth using, or should i stick with dalvik? Thanks.
  16. So which do you pros think will deliver better performance, kitkat or lollipop? Slimkat vs slimlp, cm11 vs cm12 etc putting bugs aside and looking only at the potential of each one...?
  17. That happens to me too after i install the rom. Always full wipe, but sometimes they turn blue during initial google config, other times they stay grey and i reinstall the rom until its fixed.
  18. Hello, I contacted slimroms to fully translate slimkat into portuguese but they said i needed programing knowledge and i don´t have it. Is there a way one of you guys can send me the text so i can translate, and then you push the code to slimkat? Thanks.
  19. Thanks for the update H3ROS.. edit: really smooth and fast.
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