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  1. To date I have not had a repeat of the touchscreen becoming unresponsive, however I am currently awaiting arrival of another Hudl due to another issue. If this one has problems I will be looking for my money back and buying something else and I have advised the tech support line of this.
  2. Hi Droibles, so far I haven't had the issue on the new one, but haven't had much play time on it. I will post back in a day or two and let you know whats happening.
  3. Exactly the work around I was using. My hudl was 6 weeks old last week when I finally got sick of the touchscreen issue, replaced with no problem.
  4. Some info for anyone who has the hudl and is experiencing issues with the device, such as the touch screen becoming unresponsive. Contact Tesco Technical support, they now have a service in replace for next day replacement of your hudl, regardless of the store stock levels. Made use of it last week.
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