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  1. iamsuraj1991

    Camera / device bags (part 2!)

    Thanks for this information..I didn't see any camera bag in my life..
  2. iamsuraj1991

    Google+ What do you think about it.

    I think google+ is better then facebook and i love this..
  3. Well, that’s why Facebook is the no.1 social networking site and has touched the 800 million active users’ mark. I know, you are going to wish Merry Christmas to your friends on Facebook only, at least to ones, who are not in touch with you. Come on, now don’t do it by posting status about it. This is what everyone will do. Try to standout the crowd. Let your Facebook Cover to do the work for you. Moreover, an image is worth 1000 words, so better to opt for Christmas related cover picture. Christmas facebook covers
  4. iamsuraj1991

    Don't spend all your money on tech...

    What you want to say..please clear..
  5. iamsuraj1991

    Your web hosting provider?

    I am using Hostgator and godaddy for web hosting provider...
  6. iamsuraj1991

    BBM for Android. Your Views

    I have samsung galaxy trend s7392..i don't use BBM..i don't think this is very great feature...

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