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  1. i want to try that out also. Is there any way to change status bar icon collors?
  2. Is there any way to set vibration srtength?
  3. Is there anyway to reduce vibration strenght? Anyone?
  4. try this http://www.modaco.com/topic/367221-rom-jb-411-essential-b199-rom-v2-y300g510/
  5. I use it and its stable on this rom, however it wont work on cm versions or fusion x.
  6. I will download it now, just becouse battery percentage :)
  7. Best rom : ) Just clean usless apps and i got arond 190mb free.
  8. I must ask this agian. Can someone tell me why my pictures after shooting, sometimes not saved? Every second or thirs shoot is saved?
  9. Y300 is not poor device , its best device ever made.
  10. Sorry i am not developer or expert, that is just my opinion, and i have the same problem with keyboard once. Mb try fresh instal with wipes dalvik/cache before instling rom and before install gaps after that.
  11. GAI4000

    Keep WiFi on

    My wifi goes off if phone went into "deep sleep". For example i set to download on torent over night, and after 15-20 mins after i check phone wifi is off, and i need to reboot phone so i can connect again on my Home network. This is my issue on 11cm and 10.2 as well.
  12. Stop process in apps or freeze it with titanium backup. And download some other keyboard, put it on sd card, and install. Did someone notices that wifi is unstable? After some time it disconects and i need to reboot phone so i can connect again on my home network. :huh:
  13. GAI4000

    Keep WiFi on

    i have the same problem on 10.2. do you manage to fix it?

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