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  1. can someone lend me the full hex image so i can flash it with QPST? the model is u8115 baseband 2030 i think
  2. about a year ago huawei g300 died with no warning whatsoever i dont have access to fastboot, recovery, nothing so i just forgot about it and got a new phone, now i grabbed it again and noticed that if i connect it to my pc it did recognize the phone looking at the hardware ID i found the driver for it labeled as "Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008" i tried opening it with QPST and it recognizes it as "Q/QCP-XXX" and that its on "download" state is there still any chance to be able to unbrick this phone?
  3. oslash

    battery problems

    checking the apps i found 3 suspicious ones, these have all permissons, could these have something to do with this? is it safe to remove them with titanium backup? (for the permissons it goes longer)
  4. oslash

    battery problems

    the screen is 5 inches, not too big, not too small the tablet itself is this one http://www.lacobacha.net/cms/archivos/pocky%206000.jpg forgot to add that it runs android 4.2.2 JB
  5. oslash

    battery problems

    i recently got a new chinese gaming tablet, the specs are RK3028 chipset (cpu: 1GHz dual core + mali 400 GPU) 512 RAM DDR3 2500 mAh lithium battery it works great but the battery lasts for no more than 3 hours when i connect the device via usb it has the charging icon but the battery doesnt charge in fact, the battery goes down slowly if i use the device while charging when i check the running apps theres only the system UI and the android keyboard running yet still is using 400 MB RAM, nothing intereresting on the process either, not even my phone with all the phone functions and the social apps uses that much something must be draining the battery really bad, there is a way to check what is it?

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