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  1. there is just a problem of stock browser which is very laggy everything except it is fine. u should try out chrome or firefox they run smoothly
  2. after installing 16 dec nightly i again edited build.prop and again i got "ok google" working. no coincidence
  3. i edited the build.prop for transparent status bar but when i reboot my phone my "ok google" also starts working.
  4. one more thing after editing buid.prop my OK GOOGLE also starts working
  5. oh you made my life works like a charm now i can make my friends more jealous :P
  6. one more problem how to use text editor in root explorer?
  7. can someone please tell me what will be changed in the next nightly?
  8. does the next nightly have transparent status bar?
  9. browser is laggy but everythin else is fine..

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