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  1. Yes I have the same issue. Callers hear their voice echoing even if I reduce the call volume to minimum.
  2. No. I didn't update it. also sometimes I saw there's a minor issue in recent call times. Sometimes recent Call time is not updating frequently. For example If I took a call 10 min.s ago it shows as 2mins ago and it doesn't update until I restart the phone.
  3. Noop. just stock apps and few games. And I can remember similar issue occurred in CM 10.1 after installing Heads-Up notification as you mentioned (Key press delay), However now I reinstalled the ROM. no keyboard issue so far
  4. I'm having this annoying problem today with the default Google keyboard. It seems to be keep pressing the last pressed key for a while or It may press the same key twice or many times. for example it types the word 'Hello' like this 'Hhheelloo' this is not happening when using the swiftkey or other third party keyboards that I tried. I use this fantastic ROM as my daily driver since the first release. this is the first time i had this issue and I'm using the default kernel. also tried with Synopsis kernel but this problem persists.
  5. :D No it has dual LED flash arround the camera ring same as the new MotoX.
  6. May be this could help... just try reposting this in development section for the sake. But I don't think backporting is possible since qualc
  7. No. I have the same problem in kra1o5 cm 10.1 rom. But not in Expert/Joestone's/Carbon ROMS. Is this issue happens to everyone or is it just me? I think that's a sd card issue.
  8. @fonz93, If I open the Gallery app while playing music, music shutters and stop playing. Tried disabling media scanning but doesn't seem to fix the problem.
  9. Try Changing the decoder to S/W decoder in MXPlayer Settings. HD videos work fine.
  10. RT @LGMobileIndia: Best User Guide of #LGG3 – Day -4 > Camera – Complete overview of the Camera Viewfinder and how to take Pictures http://…

  11. I had the same problem, but it fixed after installing this http://www.modaco.com/topic/370977-increase-audio-and-fix-led-deep-sleep-cm101/
  12. What he is trying to say is how to enable this feature http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZaDVBIFAuA "Swipe to slide from Notification panel to quick setting panel" which is not available in any of our CM ROMs.
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