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  1. Hey everyone. I recentltly bought a Smart 4 mini, it is pretty cheap, has a 4" screen and it's a dual core, so, why not... and it has an update from Vodafone but it doesn't start, no metter how much I force it. And btw anyone knows something about KK or any other custom ROMs for this device ? Thanks in advance and sorry for bad english
  2. Obviously I would never pay for a game when we can get it for free. I found a tutorial where they said to edit build.prop and make the game recognise our g300 as if it was another phone, is that the only way ?
  3. You can't use OTA updates with memory SD set as primary . Need to change memory tu use it
  4. Guys, i'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but since i'm running CM11 i asked it here. I've downloaded HAWX HD and runned smoothly but at a certain point he crashed. So i downloaded another one, and other, and many othersbut none of them worked at all. They said that the game was not bought or didn't opened at all. Someone knows a place to download it ? I don't care if it is HD or not, cause the crashes of the other could be caused by that (Sorry for bad english)
  5. I will keep this build and whait for tomorrow's, cause i didn't made a backup of the 27th -.-
  6. I've got no Sound at all using today's build . Anyone having same issue ?
  7. If it is /system memory try to do a full wipe and go to advanced and /format system. then install ROM and the tiny Gapps all over again
  8. You can try searching the data folder on the SD Card, or at Android / Data i think
  9. yes, but first you need to set the internal memory as default, download the update using Cyanogenmod Updater on About Phone and then just Install it, the phone will reboot in Recovery, install the update and when all is done it will turn on normally, you just need to sit and watch If you try this with the SD Card as primary the CWM will not be able to install the update
  10. Guys anyone having my problem ? I've got nothing on Gallery and nothing on Apollo. This never happened before
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