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  1. Is the chill's kernel default for this rom,or it is needed to be flashed from recovery?
  2. Nice to have you back Dazz :D I must ask you two questions: Do you have plans about android L when "Final" version arrives?It would be great! Can you fix FM radio volume with headphones (cant change volume),on speaker it's working fine?I think it's pretty simple job for you. Thanks :)
  3. Android L is introduced,i hope we will get it on our devices when it arrives in september-october.... :D
  4. Choose which one do you think it's the best :) Or add some other i didn't...
  5. I can't download 4.4.3 :unsure: I tried to download from first link,and also with OTA update,but nothing happens....
  6. I have big problems with 03/23 release,almost everything force closes,never had force close before on older releases,and i use it since 15.jan..... <_<
  7. TWRP 2.7 recovery is out,just updated and everything works ok... :) Edit:After installing zip,when i go to wipe cache/dalvik it gives me black screen...
  8. Everything works,it will boot,and for playstore you have to install gapps,wifi is also working...
  9. I have a simple answer for you...Everything is working,i'm also using Y300.... :)
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