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  1. It concerns every notfication. SMS, Whats App, Twitter, everything. My LED is working fine, I can listen to music via Apollo, incoming calls are fine ,too, just notification sounds didnt work.
  2. Hey, I still have no notification sound, even on 2.1.2014. Someone know how to fix? Btw. G510 not y300
  3. Hey, for me 27.12 is broken. My systemui is crashing eerytime I open an app or if I try to use the taskmanager. Also all apps,installed at ex. Sd are gone of the homescreen after every reboot. I hope 28.12 wont have these issues for me. :(
  4. Hey Guys, just to let you know, how I fixed my" I dont have root on KK" problem. I tried everything, wipe, reflash etc. flash ROM and Gaps at once, reboot between these steps etc. When I was deperate I downloaded the "Superuser update fix" from the market, forced it to fix and abrakadraba , I had root. I dont know, what went wrong.....and if it will happen again (next nightly maybe in a few hours :() but, thats the way I fixed it.
  5. I also did. Tryrd it with flashing and via fastboot, if I do so,nothing happen.
  6. I tried both CWM and TWSP?! , nothing. (both from here) I installed rootchecker and there is the proof - no root.
  7. Wipe and new flash still doesnt help. No Root. O.o If I recover to 10.2 everything is working fine. :/
  8. Its crashing, if I do this. :D If I say something is missing etc. I tried everything , which I can read here or at google. :-P
  9. Doesnt work. I also dont have developer options anymore?! Seems like my root is broken. :(
  10. Thing is, I tried it, but it tells me: "Unable to uninstall" , doesn`t matter if I try it with an app like clean master, root explorer etc. So seems like I have no real root. :(
  11. Stupid Girlie again....Do I need to reroot my Phone? Cause I cant delete stupid google and system apps anymore. If yes, where can I get the rootfiles for 4.2? (Is there any difference?)
  12. But where can I find that option? Is it under " CM Updates", or where? Cause I cant find any options for "update auto " or "update manual". :( And to be honest, I am to lazy to install 60 apps every day.
  13. Hey Guys, after it seems like,that CM 11 isnt full of bugs anymore <3 , I want it for my G510. But the question is, do I have to fullwipe and flash it every day, cause of the daily updates? Or is there something automatically in the ROM or an app? And what is this "ART"? Never heard of it. Thank you. ;)
  14. I did use CWM. ;) But I fixed it, I went back to the recovery, wiped everything (not just only factory reset) and reinstalled it. Now its working . :)
  15. Hey, one problem after another. :( I had an rooted and unlocked g510 -100 and tried to instally 10.2, but it went to a bootloop. :( I just moved the cm 10.2 zip to the sd card, gapps, too, went to cwm recoverymodus (powe +volume up) and installed it with cwm,after I did a backup and wiped it (factory reset). Where is the mistake? I would love to use it. :(
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