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  1. Hello is there a sim toolkit i can use just like in the original huawei stock rom. I tried backing up the sim toolkit application from other roms i tried but i can't seem to restore it in slimstock. I used titanium backup as backup/restore app.
  2. hi all, can someone help me with an asian baseband im having problem with 3G signal i already performed a full delete and update of fusion x reborn. thanks
  3. just want to ask if the rom updates any signal related settings? it seems i lost my 3G signal.. can you please help me if i need to update a certain app to make it work again.. thanks
  4. hello anyone tried this on a y300-0151? is it compatible and the performance how was it? thanks
  5. hello, will this rom work for a Y300-0151 or for Y300-0100 only? thanks in advance
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