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  1. My G510 can not charge. Now i have a Galaxy S2 and its 1000x better!
  2. Fonz? Have your newest build the newest cm sources from 19.04.2015?
  3. My G510 is broken :( I cant charge my phone. The USB Port is broken.
  4. I tested Whatsapp Calls and its working fine. Hmmm I only enabled Root in Developer Option and i can use Root apps. The old supersu from slimkat is opening and ask.
  5. Chinese Smartphones: Commercial: 13MP Camera 3GB RAM Real: 8MP Camera 1-2GB RAM
  6. http://www.modaco.com/index.php?/topic/374572-[ROM][5.0.2]-Cyanogenmod-12-[Y300/G510]-[23/02/2015]
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