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  1. Could ypu people just stop with chills kernel in this thread? 3rd party kernels and the problems/solution the may provide do not help with the 4.4 development. Use Dazzs CM with the provided Stock kernel. Otherwise debugging is next to impossible. Every bug reported with a 3rd party kernel ist f*cking useless. this modaco subforum (y300/g510) is one of the most unorganized i have seen in a while. No wonder nothing gets done. PS: My g510 goes on to ebay end of the week. Then you dont have to read my sh*t here. you then can go on with all the unorganized talks, unhelpful bugreports (logcat? whats dis?) and the general misuse of the DEVELOPMENT-Section (Some of you really dont know what belongs in the main thread and what belongs in the dev section). Thanks Dazz and all the serious devs here for their work. One thing more: Try to understand that huawei doesnt update their low end devices to a new major version! You buy cheap, you get cheap. There is no petition, no bitching huawei, no harrasing qualcomm, no nothing that will change that. I have seem things like that before. It wont help! Todays economy preys on you. You buy a phone, a new softwareversion comes out (which you totally think you need because, well, new stuff! Duh!). The manufacturer doesnt want to update because selling you a another cheap device make more money that updating a cheap device you already own.
  2. Yeah. I know. Most guys dont know what work is required to make a cyanogenmod port. But still, My g510 cant make Coffee. Fix tis Dazz... now!!!!1!!!ONE!!!
  3. Dazz doesnt have a g510. How should he make nfc available with only a y300 at hand? Maybe he will aceept a donated g510.
  4. And that makes it relevant for a development subforum? Please explain how. Does the Indian indipendence solve any bugs?
  5. Yeah. And you should probalby reverse engeneer the entire qualcomm blob to make it easy adaptable for any other future Android version. Also Im still unhappy that my g510 cant make coffee. Pleaze fix taht dazzzz. Sometimes i doubt that some people think what amount of work that would be to just "do a few drivers for the adreno 203" :blink:
  6. Simple: We users are Stupid. Somebody starts something edgy and People jump on it seeing that they could make their (and mine too) cheap device up-to-date. And then they take everything in the Development-Section for Stable unless it is marked as "Bricks your Device 99,8% of the time". I mean, KK isnt stable and here were a few people crying about Android L.
  7. First, this is makes no sense. Secondly, i use linux exclusively sinde 2000 (SuSE 7.0...the good old days :D ) so "format" would do nothing. And it would also do nothing under Android. But keep trying.
  8. This cant be. You declared this rom is stable for daily use. :blink: Maybe you should wipe the data partition too.
  9. This here is the Development Section for the Y300/G510. I have this strange feeling that people that post in a Development Section should be able to pull a logcat (or google for the Procedure). So, let me take your Hand and help you: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=how+to+pull+a+logcat+android Should i fill your Sippycup too? :D
  10. I had reboots on stock (without any apps) too. I think maybe the vendor of the flashchip might vary. Its not uncommon that certain parts vary because of different availabilities or simply because the batch was cheaper to get. Plus I for one do not use the google play store. I use the f-droid repo. its by far not as invasive as the google play store (the fdroid repo got no dependencies).
  11. TheHindu will for sure post a solution soon. He fixed quite a lot of Bugs it seems :D
  12. I really lol'd at your "Google Launcher" explaination. First highlight: You didnt share your experiences, you declared this rom Stable. Huge difference (and quite stupid to declare something on something that isnt even your work) Second: Looking forward to your contributions to github then. Or at least tell all the good folks how you fixed the random reboots (not with a custom kernel of course since this rom is "stable" for you as it is). And: Dont take me (or anyone else here) for stupid. I know how to install roms. You seem to think everybody is stupid who got problems with the CM11 rom. Not everything ist fixed with wiping (except on the toilet. There it fixes everything). PS: I had a LG gt540 one time. the situation with the g540 back then is similar to the y300/g510 situation now. People start things. Big things. Then they hit barriers that cant be overcome or they simply moved to another device. Or why do you think dazzo didnt fork the M8 and made something close to stable for our device? Because there is no point in beating a dead horse.
  13. Exactly! Its fun. But too many people in this sub take it for serious work. This Rom is like "Why does a dog lick its balls? Because he can". Its a proof of concept. Nothing more. But here are quite some people with little to none knowledge about programming and/or versioning so they take it for a serious project. Thats wrong.
  14. Your post speaks the truth. But: Why are devs reaching so high? It would be more realistic to make a stable cm10. why even try 4.4 if it can never be really complete?
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