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  1. Well if you want some help, you need to give more clues. What OS? What toolchain? What did it say on screen, any errors?
  2. I had the UK v2.2 stock installed on my phone and I extracted the .config from that. I then used it to compile the UK v2.2 source. What kernel source are you using?
  3. You are confused. That is MIUI v5 release 4.4.4, not Android v4.4.4. MIUI v5 is JellyBean.
  4. As far as I know you can't patch the zImage like you can the ramdisk. The zImage is the compiled object code, you need to edit the source then re-compile. This is what I originally used to learn how to do it.
  5. I'm not sure I understand the question. Governors give a trade-off between performance and battery life. People use their phones in different ways and their needs differ, so a governor that works well for one person might not be the best for another. My purpose was simply to give people more choice. That said, development has been halted due to apathy :)
  6. Compiling the kernel isn't that difficult. You don't need GitHub to start with, you can just make changes on your local computer to try stuff out. There are plenty of kernel building guides, I started with the one at XDA University. It's a bit out of date, but with a little effort I got the Blade V kernel to compile.
  7. Yup, did a few compiles fine whilst I was debugging the ROW code, then all of a sudden it starting segfaulting on every make. I assumed it was something I'd done with the code! I'm running Mint Cinammon 17, did a fresh install only about a week ago because 17 is an LTS release. I've compiled several times with no problem until yesterday. I'll try the latest OS updates then give it another go, thanks for your help. [update] - still doing the same thing. Annoying :(
  8. Shame about the Galaxy Core kernel. Quick question for KonstaT or anyone with kernel compilation experience - I've merged some code for the ROW i/o scheduler but I'm getting a compilation error I've never seen before: Segmentation fault close failed in file object destructor: sys.excepthook is missing lost sys.stderr Anyone know what this means and how to fix? Thanks.
  9. Cool, glad it's not just my stupidity. I've already looked at the Huawei custom sources but didn't know about a Samsung device, I'll see what I can find. Thanks for the heads-up. I promise in future to try to only add useful features :P
  10. Yeah, I had worked that out myself, but I wanted to add the governor to help me learn. Now that you've just ruined my day by telling me my hours of effort were pointless, how about lending a hand getting overclocking working? :)
  11. Sorry, I missed your reply. I have very limited time, when I upload something like this I like to add a detailed post so that inexperienced users know what to do. Unfortunately I don't have time to keep coming here to help people out. So writing the post etc takes time and if no-one's interested, it's a waste of my life :) So far we have 1 yes and 2 "maybes"! The performance governor just means put CPU at max speed all the time. It will definitely be the smoothest, but it'll kill your battery. The default governor for the stock kernel is performance (which is why the kernel description has "perf" on the end), but when it's finished booting, it switches to ondemand to give a better compromise between performance and battery life. SmartAssv2 is definitely going to be slower than performance. Many people like it because it gives a good balance, and ramps up to full speed quite quickly when needed. I think it's the default in CM these days. I don't know how to. targetbsp had a good shot at this a couple of months ago, but couldn't get it working. I personally don't have space issues so I don't have much motivation.
  12. Lol, no problem. People seem to use the term "kernel" to describe lots of things, so I'll clarify. What I'd provide is a boot image that you can flash to your boot partition. The image contains 2 things - the kernel and the ramdisk. The ramdisk is a compressed file that you can unpack and modify, as it contains a bunch of boot scripts. For example, you can add support for init.d scripts which I've done previously, this is the same thing that gkalen has done with the kitchen. The kernel is compiled code that can't be changed without modifying the source and re-compiling. This is the bit that contains CPU governors and frequencies for overclocking, amongst other things. So... you could flash one of gkalen's ROMs (or any other), which contains a boot image with stock kernel, plus whatever ramdisk changes gkalen has made with the kitchen. You can then safely flash my boot image over the top, which will have SmartAss added to the kernel, and my init.d support added to the ramdisk. The ROM will work fine. Or if you think there's something that gkalen had changed in his ramdisk that you really need to have, if he sends me his ramdisk, I can make a boot image with my kernel and his ramdisk for you to flash. Either way, you can have the governor with whatever ROM you like, but you may need to flash twice. I hope I haven't confused you even more :P
  13. Same thing. Many people have used the technique in this thread with great results. In think EziMod was asking how to do the same thing for a different device. Would you like to share what changes you made to build.prop?
  14. Is anyone interested in a Blade V kernel with SmartAss2 governor? No overclocking, just one extra governor. Please reply to this thread if you're interested. If there are enough responses I'll upload my work, but there's no point if this is no use to anyone. Thanks.
  15. Make sure you don't already have apps moved to the external SD card, if you do, move them back Make a backup - don't skip this Following the instructions, try pasting this into your vold.emmc.fstab: dev_mount sdcard /mnt/extsd auto /devices/virtual/block/nandj /devices/platform/sunxi-mmc.2/mmc_host dev_mount extsd /mnt/sdcard auto /devices/platform/sunxi-mmc.1/mmc_host /devices/platform/sunxi-mmc.0/mmc_host dev_mount usbhost1 /mnt/usbhost1 auto /devices/platform/sunxi-ehci.1 /devices/platform/sunxi_hcd_host0 /devices/platform/sunxi-ohci.1
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