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  1. RAM Free seems to be really low with this kernal..355MB used and 51MB free, hardly no apps installed to be fair, stock kernal used to be about 140MB free, why the big hit??
  2. I must admit ive been critical about this kernal, but ive just installed this along with a fresh install of b199 stock and so far its very good..7500 in antutu..dont know how you got 8000+ though ^^^ arhh ure on the G510..still, impressive
  3. Garbage..install nova and remove bloatware..simple..to be frank..stock is better than cm
  4. Been using for bout 3 weeks now..by far the best out there..but it does have a meltdown under heavy browser use. Don't know why
  5. worth replacing stock with this ?? whats battery life like?? thankyou please
  6. So what you guys thinking..good enough now to replace stock??is the lag still present while browsing?? Cheers
  7. why do peeps mess with the kernal, stock kernal will always be superior
  8. Seems to be getting more and more stable..not long until its at stable stage :)
  9. It sounds like this rom is getting better and better..will give this another go after xmas.. :)
  10. dont try different kernals, they will cripple your phone, stay with stock
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