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  1. This is some thing in my logcat when i go to setting language&input > google keyboard setting and exit i got unfortunately, setting has stopped. and what is this i see it on many line
  2. can't download this build r21 it say this page doesn't exist. thx for help
  3. i test it with line call can't call it display me not have microphone / speaker.
  4. no i try it with line call and it say no microphone or speaker. :(
  5. hi i have problem with wifi sometime when i connected wifi sometime wifi break and lost connection this wifi spot i use only one. i dont know why thank you
  6. this is from my g510-251 (AOSP MOD with kernel synopsis 17/7/2014)
  7. i flash update 4 and when i go to setting>language and it got setting force close
  8. can't call by line (voip) that notice me i haven't microphone connected. how to fix that ?
  9. i didn't know much i don't touch performance control i use default (my rom is slimstock v1.8.2)
  10. I have this problem too when i play cookie run i have some freeze 2 - 3 sec but no laggy or anything it just only freeze.
  11. how to change all font with out bootloop i change it and i got bootloop always please teach me. :(
  12. notifications of ask.FM and instagram are working ok to me
  13. i use v1.4 and after i flash v1.4 fix dalvik i got fc google play and all of app can open etc. facebook, line, gravity box
  14. i use v1.3 can i install v1.4 without wipe all ?
  15. i can't set cpu clock to 1209 mhz when i set to 1209 mhz and reboot it return to 1008 mhz

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