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  1. Fedroid

    OTG broken on Kitkat?

    Total commander + usbstick plugin
  2. Fedroid

    [Help] Call recording Issue on KitKat

    That's the answer of one depveloper: "Thanks for your email, There are several things you could try: * toggle "Use mic" setting. * change your screen turn off timeout to the maximum setting * put the conversation on the speaker Sorry and thanks." Ok, nothing worked, using mic I can record my voice but no the other. Other developer says: "If you've checked all audio sources for standard api then you checked everything you could without root.." Still looking into it, but it seems that I should come back to 4.3
  3. Fedroid

    [Help] Call recording Issue on KitKat

    Autocallrecorder works fine on my milestone 2 with kitkat 4.4.2 and also records bluetooth calls, so, is not a problem with KitKat, I think that is Moto G who has problems with call record apks. Btw I have already contacted the two developers and a lot of people with moto g have the same problem. Greetings
  4. I was able to record calls on my Moto G when I was on JellyBean 4.3 using Autocallrecorder from RomanG or Call Recorder from Skvalex, But After updating to 4.4.2 KitKat it stopped working.... The apk generates the record file but is not playable at all and seems to have no data inside. So, I think my problem maybe is not related to record apks, but I don't know. Any clue?
  5. Fedroid

    European OTA roll out started (UK is a go!)

    174.44.9.falcon_umts.EURetailSL.en.EU I have received OTA update today. Yoigo's Moto G from Spain. Now I am on version 174.44.9.falcon_umts.EURetailSL.en.EU (Stock KitKat 4.4.2) Before I was on version 14.81.2.falcon_umts.EURetailSL.en.EU (Stock JellyBean 4.3 with parsing error bug) Bye bye Parsing Error Note: I have tried to pick up the OTA update before installing it to share with everybody but I have not been successful. I am not rooted nor unloked, etc... just Stuck on Stock :) for warranty reasons (Two years and two tears!). How could I manage next time for sharing the OTA? (Thanks button pressed in advance :P)
  6. Fedroid

    How to flash to the standard UK ROM

    This is a well known bug of Stock Jellybean. Some people have received a little ota that repairs it. I'm suffering this bug too and without ota fix the solution is to install apks from google drive or Otg cable. Greeetings

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