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  1. Just a heads up to all. I tried using this method and got the green bars, and left it on my device for 10-15 minutes just in the hope that it'd somehow work. It caused burn in on my screen, and I had to use one of those burn-in/dead pixel fixers for about an hour before it was back to normal, and I assume it could cause personal damage. Of course this is common knowledge, but don't leave contrasting colours on your screen for a long time. Edit: By the way, if this doesn't work, try installing SuperSU off the Play Store after running. For me, everything except the Superuser APK was installed and working, so I just downloaded SuperSU and it functioned fine.
  2. I have a UK stock Moto G, and if I try to root using this method my device shows the Motorola logo, then fades purple until eventually it's green lines. If I force power off and reboot I don't have SU. Is there a fix for this?
  3. Once rooted, is it fine to flash the 4.4.2 bootloader without issue? Will recoveries be updated to support 4.4.2 without needing to downgrade the bootloader?
  4. Pretty sure if someone grabs the OTA update everyone should be able to sideload. By the looks of it though, the OTAs are region-exclusive.
  5. Hi, Will this permanently install a custom recovery? Or will it revert to the stock recovery after flashing? Thanks.
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