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  1. Don't you guyz get some lag with this ROM? or is it my device, that is crappier than yours? Everytime I install a kitkat rom I get so much lag! everything seems to run at like 10-20 FPS, animations look like a photoslide... Some menus take 1-2 seconds to load... I hear you guyz saying this is the best ROM, don't you get this kind of lag?
  2. Tillaz this is a great ROM, it would be awesome if u could reupload the files
  3. Thanks, and by the way, another question: I'm having trouble installing some apps, when my phone is installing them, this error pops up: It was not possible to install on USB storage or USB card(translated) How can I fix this? It only happens with some apps, not all of them
  4. When I connect my phone via USB with my computer, it doesn't connect like all other ROMs, there aren't options like in this picture:; Just the usb debugging thing, I don't want this, how can I get those options like in the picture?
  5. Hi everyone, I've had an issue for a longe time, that is keyboard lag, when i press a key it takes some time for the key to actually appear, i don't know if its due to the dictionary thing, many words makes it slower. I've tryed many keyboards, the best for me is swiftkey, awesome dictionary, but it lags a lot! I'm using infusion ROM, and the only keyboard that doesn't lag is the stock keyboard that comes with the ROM, but it has no dictionary :c Can anyone tell me a way to fix this, or tell me how to get a dictionary for portuguese to work with the stock ICS keyboard?
  6. This is the ROM that i've used for the longest time, probably one of the fastest out there, doesn't get slower by the time like most ROMs... Does anyone know how to make those colored themes? I want to make one all white to look like kit kat, always liked my phone with a white theme And can anyone make a mirror of the latest version of this ROM since the link is down?
  7. M0rseton

    Video player

    i've converted the video to a lower resolution and it works now, thanks
  8. Does anyone know a good MP4 video player? I've tryed some and they are all laggy... The video looks like a slideshow.. Does anyone know any app that works fine?
  9. Lately, the download link for this rom: http://www.modaco.com/topic/355994-rom-ics-b952-infusion-cm-features-b06/ has been removed, does anyone have a spare copy of this ROM to share please?
  10. Some apps are not compatible with gb ROMS, is there any way of getting these apps to work?
  11. I've been using cyanogen mod 11 for a while, I like the way it looks, but it'S a bit slow for me, I'm thinking about moving back to a GB or ICS ROM again, and I was wondering if it was possible to change the main apps like contact list, gallery, dialer apps from KitKat to GB, is this possible?
  12. M0rseton

    Phone gets unstable

    Because I found this to be general, since i've used many ROM's, and all act the same way...
  13. I'm using CM11 version for my G300, I usually update to the new nightlies, but after 2 weeks of using this ROM, my phone gets a bit unstable, sometimes I don't receive SMS, don't know if this is because of my phone or not. I've tryed formatting everything, and flashing the latest nightly, it fixes the lag for a day or two, but it comes back again... Is there any quick fix for these kind if problems?
  14. I've seen a screenshot button in power menu in a ROM i've used, but don't remember which one, now I'm using CM11, is it possible to add this option to the power menu?

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