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  1.     Hi, As all custom ROMs have device-specific bugs (meaning that some bugs on a G-510 can occur that do not occur on another G510...) it is difficult to tell if the ROM is stable for you. Speaking for me, I really like the ROM for daily use. I do not have any battery leak (though, as I said before, I do not use all components of the hardware (GPS, bluetooth,...)). I experience some random reboots from time to time (one random reboot in a day or every other day). Compared to stock-based ROMs (as Essential B199 is), other custom ROMs have commonly a worse battery life and are sometimes not as stable (random reboots, force close of apps,...). I haven't tried Essential B199, though.
  2. My experiences with Version 4.8 on G510-0100: - in 4.6 I had a few more random reboots compared to 4.4. In 4.8, everything seems to be good again. No random reboot so far. - Audio stutter on system lock and unlock is minimized or not present anymore. (Maybe flashing the boot.img without updating the ROM does the same thing?) For me, everything works fine (though I don't use some features like GPS or Bluetooth on a daily basis).
  3. I Installed 4.4 about 24 hours ago. So far no random reboots (with 4.2 I normally had 2 to 3 random reboots a day). Battery never had any severe drain for me, 4.4 does have an acceptable battery endurance as well (I never use Bluetooth, though). I can not tell about the LED keeping the phone awake or not.
  4. I have random reboots every time an app gets updated over the Play Store (4 Updates, "Update all" = 4 random reboots). Is this a problem with Slim Gapps (Minimal) or with the ROM? Anyone else experiencing this?
  5.     A clean install always rules out some malfunction you might see in the rom, so it is theoretically always better. But yes, I just upgraded from 4.0 to 4.2 by dirty flashing (flash new zip, wipe cache and dalvik cache [wipe nothing else]) and everything seems to be ok, all user data is supposed to be untouched by this move (it's always good to have a buckup though :) )
  6.     Thanks for the quick answer, worked perfectly (normally, I just do dirty flashing...).
  7. Install notes from the changelog: "For dirty flashers: Before you flash, you MUST wipe your system manually. Gapps has received major rework, and this way you ensure that nothing old will be left." What is meant by that? Wiping the system (not the data partition) and flashing release 4.0 will work well and without losing user data? Or an (as clean as possible) uninstall of the installed Gapps? I just don't want to spend another 2 or 3 hours setting up the smartphone again if it can be avoided.
  8. I cant give you any guarantee of course, but bricking your device is highly unkikely, I would say. It is possible tough that you might lose some functions of your device (NFC for example). It is highly recommended that you do a nandroid Backup in TWRP or CWM before flashing anything different from you original Huawei ROM. If you see that anything does not work you can always restore your original firmware.
  9. Is this ROM (out of the box) ok for daily use? I'm currently running CM 10.1 by joestone. What about battery drain? Random reboots?
  10.     I have the same issue, maybe it gets fixed in a future built. Until then maybe this module can help. Note that you need Xposed Framework set up ( see here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1574401) before this mosule works: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2444531
  11. Hey guys, I'm considering installing this ROM. Can you tell me about the battery life, does it last throughout the day? Any random reboots? Generally usable for daily use? Any experiences would be appreciated. Thanks
  12. I just created an account because I'm considering installing this ROM sometime. But there are 2 questions. (1) When I installed Unofficial CM10.1 in summer on my last Device (SE Xperia mini), I just flashed the BOOT.img with fastboot and got a Recovery (CWM in that case) together with the custom kernel. So kernel + CWM were combined in the BOOT.img. What do I need the Recoveries linked in the 1st post for? I would just flash the BOOT.img with fastboot and expect to get a Recovery with that step. (2) Did anyone test this ROM on a G510-0100 (Lockfree, no carrier Branding, from Germany)? I read at Android-hilfe.de that NFC does not work if a non-0100-ROM is flashed, are there any other things that does not work? Thanks for the help.
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