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  1. Same device (international 16GB Unlocked Stock 4.4.2), same problem. It seems to be flashing correctly, but then I press down to highlight recovery and up to enter, it shows the unlocked bootloader warning once, then it goes black (reboot) and shows the warning again, just to boot normally to the system. If I try to boot directly to Recovery it says "No command". Will try to flash CWM and install SuperSU manually and report back. EDIT: It didn't work. Still an android with a red warning sign saying "No command." EDIT2: Tried the method with Linux (Ubuntu) also without luck.
  2. jmtast

    LG G2 Review

    With that thinking, I can tell you "You've obviously not owned REALLY greatly built phones" like the Moto X or the HTC One (the best Android built phone, IMHO).
  3. Sorry in advance for the double post. I know how much we ALL hate "ETA asking doods", and I don't want this post to be thought of as that, but I wanted to ask something to Paul. I first decided to try Switch (wasn't even S-OFF yet) on December. When I got into the thread, I saw you wishing us all a nice christmas and new year's eve, saying that Beta 14 with KitKat was going to be released around new year, if I'm not mistaken, so I decided to wait. What I did in the meantime, was S-OFF the hell out of my beloved One, and install ARHD GPe just to try GPe (and so far, I'm loving it, but I miss some Sense stuff, which is why I'm so into this), thinking that a few weeks later I was going to be enjoying some KitKat Switch love. What I want to know, more specifically, is if development is still on around that version with KitKat GPe and Sense 5.5. I like KitKat a lot, so I'm not willing to downgrade to try Switch (let's put it this way: I like KitKat more than I like 4.3 Sense 5.0). I know you got your life to worry about, but just a "hey, still here!" would be great, so that we know a bit more about what's going on, if it's not too much trouble. Thanks a LOT for your awesome work, Paul! Hope this doesn't fall as annoying :)
  4. The search function is in the upper right corner. Anyway, Switch has two built in ROMs, one vanilla Android and one Sense. You don't need specific ones, because they're provided by Switch, and no, you can't use two roms of your choice.
  5. I just sent my Moto X review to a local website in Argentina and will be published in a couple days. It's amazing how we agree in some aspects, specially in "Active Notifications is what I miss the most" and "the camera spoils the entire experience". Just to add a bit of information, the Moto X is available officially in a couple of countries apart from the US, like Brazil or Argentina. I would totally buy the phone if I didn't have the HTC One as my personal device. Here in Argentina the situation is quite different. We can't have a Nexus 5 if we don't pay it the same price that a Galaxy S4, so it is not quite the option (for the same price, I'd prefer to get an HTC One, for example). I think the Nexus 5's best argument is it's price, followed by the fast updates, but that is also something the Moto X has, and no other device in my country can brag about. I ended recommending it as the best phone you can officially buy in my country, without having tried the LG G2, but there's a steep price difference and I don't think that apart from the camera (which is quite important) there's many more things that are better.
  6. Hi Paul, I've been reading this thread silently for months (have my HTC One for almost six months now) and never got the courage to try it (mainly because I don't know my S-ON/S-OFF state, because I bought the phone used and don't know what the previous owner did), but I was always really excited. Now I want to thank you for all your hard work and tell you that I'm looking forward to the release of the beta 14, time when I will probably make the proper investigation (?) and take the leap. What's weird is that what got me more excited than your beta 14 ETA is the announcement of the hybrid idea. That would be AWESOME, because the only thing that keeps me from converting to GPe is that I would really miss the camera app, the gallery app, zoes, and on. HTC really did a great job with Sense, and would not like to lose some of it's features, so GPe with those features for me would be perfect. Merry Christmas and happy new year! Thanks again for all your work.
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